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Here are the Ralph Lauren / Allen Edmonds "Sanderson" suede longwings I just got.
Here are the Ralph Lauren / Allen Edmonds "Sanderson" suede longwings I just got.
I've read that the "Sanderson" line of USA-made shoes sold by Ralph Lauren is made by Allen Edmonds. Does anyone know what last these shoes are on?
I ordered the snuff suede Sanderson during the sale.
I don't log onto StyleForum for three days and look what I miss!!!! Does anyone know why this promotion was cancelled? They have a 25% off one right now, but I'd sure love to get the Sanderson suede wingtips at 50% off.
What size would you recommend in AS? Size down 1/2 step or a full step from my US size? In particular, I'm interested in the Holborn. My "true" US size is a 10.5D. I wear the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in an 11, however, because of its low in-step. I've got the Ralph Lauren/C&J Darlton Wingtip in a 10.5. I'm hoping it's 1/2 size down, because the Holborn is in stock at a UK 10, but not 9.5.
Any chance that the Alden West Egg Snuff Suede Longwing is in stock in a 10.5 D? The website only lists a 10D, but I just thought I'd ask in case you happen to find a pair lying around....
Anyone know of a place to buy the blue "Old Loom" OCBD in medium in the "hugger" fit? The website says they're out of stock. I've been searching forever for a slim fit blue OCBD, and I think I'd like to give this one a try.
Any chance we'll see another snuff suede LWB anytime in the near future?
Why does it seem like it's so hard to find a pair of gray flannel pants
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