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What's the best way to store denimz that you dont plan on wearing for a year or 2 ? thx
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos I dunno, that part actually took me right out of it. It seemed just a bit too over the top. The show has always toed a fine line between cartoonish and quasi-believable, but that scene just sent it full-throttle into cartoon territory for me. There's too much of that going on in this show for me as well. I still love Californication but some of the scenes kill it for me
Californication & Parks and Recreation ...... good stuff
weekend bump ... 190dlvd
this is a great deal ... too bad its not my size
Quote: Originally Posted by booger Got thigh measurements on these? I measure 11 but not sure if im doing it correctly ... it should be around .5 less than what BIG has them at raw
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs is this the old or new cut? I purchased it 2-3 months ago and was told that this cut slimmer than the previous
warm soak in tub for a little over a hour and hang dried .... I think they will shrink a little more if you soak again
^^^ i wish that flannel was a Large
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