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SOLD. Hi , I just recieved this wallet in the other day from obbi good company . It's awesome but too thick for me. Its for sale for 105dlvdUS address ... 25 less than retail thx - 1 bill slot - 1 stack slot - 1 coin compartment Dimension: 4.5" x 4" x 0.75" if you need pics of the inside let me know
True Romance. This movie has everything
Disney boots - Peter Pan model
Another one from the good people of OGL ... I love it but its hard getting used to since im going from a thin little wallet to this
lowered to 180 dlvd .... someone pick this up , great looking bag for cheap
Quote: Originally Posted by skywalker I actually ended up selling a t2i on here for $650 good luck. That was with an extra lens and a memory card. It was also new. thats a steal ^^^
Filson Bag added
man that Fred Perry jacket looks good , wish i was a XL
SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD Brand New never used Filson Small Duffle Wool/Canvas Otter Green/Hawthorne plaid . This is a beautiful bag . This was given to me as a gift and I have no real use for it since I already have 2 other Filson bags . You can read more about it here on this website below ..... STOCK PHOTO Two inside pockets at each end. Two-way brass zipper. Storm flap with snap tab. Bridle Leather carrying handles,grip and pulls. Removable,...
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