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Brand new SIZE LARGE ... 20 each dlvd or 35 for the pair
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy Watched Trailer Park Boys recently and found that pretty funny. love that show
Jacket 150 and wallet 85 dlvd ... lets get these sold. Great prices here on brand new items
take another $5 off each .... both items Brand New , lets get them sold !!
bumo with lowered prices Jacket 160dlvd , wallet 90dlvd
SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD 400dlvd USA Almost new condition used for less than 100 pictures , flawless condition working and cosmetic
bump ! take another $5 off each
take $5 off each .... bumP!
bump with lowered prices
WOOLRICH WOOLEN MILLS Black Linen/Cotton Jacket L NWT! Gift from the Lady but the fit is too small for me. Good for someone right in between M/L or a fitted Large . I only tried this on 1 time in house and its BRAND NEW .... this jacket is awesome , buyer will be happy Composition: 55% Linen/ 45% Cotton Details: cloth, light-weight knit, two pockets, button, zip fly closure, partially lined interior, ribbed sleeve cuffs and hem Authentic and...
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