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PM sent
Last season of this show was awesome ... hope this season is just as good . Missed the first 2 episodes already . F****** hate not having DVR
$70 ?
Quote: Originally Posted by gort Started this today, watched 7 episodes. I think I'm hooked. [[SPOILER]] season 1 is great ... season 2 not so much
Anyone know what the fabric weight of RRL jeans is , 14oz ?
$75 dlvd !!
80 dlvd close to half of original price
Brand new SIZE LARGE ... 20 each dlvd or 35 for the pair
Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy Watched Trailer Park Boys recently and found that pretty funny. love that show
Jacket 150 and wallet 85 dlvd ... lets get these sold. Great prices here on brand new items
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