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great price ... good luck on the sale
I think Yes. I got my dog a few years ago from a guy who bred Pitbull's and he would shoot up his own male dog with some sort of roids . He even did it in front of me so I know it was roided for sure. Thing looked like a Lion it was so big
ipad 2 all the way
PM sent
Last season of this show was awesome ... hope this season is just as good . Missed the first 2 episodes already . F****** hate not having DVR
$70 ?
Quote: Originally Posted by gort Started this today, watched 7 episodes. I think I'm hooked. [[SPOILER]] season 1 is great ... season 2 not so much
Anyone know what the fabric weight of RRL jeans is , 14oz ?
$75 dlvd !!
80 dlvd close to half of original price
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