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Tired of wearing white Converse Chucks. Looking for a similar canvas shoe that looks good with denim -$100 ... Thanks in advance for any help
SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi , up for sale is a Brand New Filson Rucksack in the Tan color. I purchased this bag a couple months ago . Never been used but I did remove the tags because I didnt think I would sell it. Bills to pay and I cant keep this awesome bag. I still have all the tags it came with including the warranty card. This rucksack will last you forever and look even better as it ages. Sold out in this color almost everywhere including the Filson store. If you have any...
Hi , up for sale is a fairly new pair of Samurai 710's with red tab and hidden arc's. I have too much denim at the moment and these get no love. They have only been warm soaked for about 40 mins and worn less than 5X. Another soak or wash should get the shrinkage out and you'll be ready to go. SOLD shipped anywhere in the US&A ( paypal add 4% ) Current measurements are Waist: 17.5 Length 37 Knee 8.75-9 Leg Opening 8.5 Info from BIG- Samurai S710XX19oz Mid Rise Slim...
Just picked up the Rucksack and the Small carry-on #240 to go with my #222 medium duffle ... I think I satisfied my Filson addiction
170 dlvd
Hi , they've only had a 20min cold soak . Not been hot soaked . Thigh measures at 12" thanks
Up for sale is a almost new pair of Momotaro 0701 in sz.34. I purchased these off another member but the fit is a little too small for me. They have only been cold soaked and worn less than 5X. They look almost new. Retail is $315 on these at BIG . Get them here for about half of retail. Please feel free to ask any questions SOLD180 dlvd to USA , Paypal add 4% or Gift . Ebay for reference ( flightdeck21) size 34 measurements : 17 inches across waist 10.5 inch rise 8.5...
Up for sale is a brand new never worn pair of LVC 505 1967's size 34x34. These are pre-shrunk and are the older version that was still made in the USA. Newer versions are made in Turkey. Please feel free to ask any questions $OLD total shipped Priority with insurance Waist 17.5'' Rise 11.5'' Thigh 11.5'' Inseam 34'' Hem 8"
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