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Just got these xx-013 in yesterday. Here's a couple post soak pics , feels like im wearing cardboard but they're breaking in nicely
100 Dlvd !
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude epaulet is doing a sick sale to get rid of sizes on their EP denim to like $75 a pop, in order to make room for their new denim. cant find a better deal than that! is that sale in store only ?
bump with lowered price
Quote: Originally Posted by commodorewheeler If 36" is your true waist, I'd probably go with the 34 on these. My experience with these is that unless you are putting them in the dryer, they don't shrink as much as advertised. My tag 34 XX-013s (same cut and sizing as the XX-011s) are a 36" waist after a couple of washes and minimal stretching. thanks ...how much did your inseam shrink ?
some people got the unbranded's for $5-10 on black friday ... in store only
Hi , up for sale is a brand new ( tried on 1 time in house ) Adidas x CROOKED TONGUES limited release Century LO BK3 shoe , sold out within a few days . I got these on the release day a couple years ago and they have been in my closet ever since . I figured somebody will enjoy these more than me COMES WITH 6 DIFFERENT COLOR TONGUES AND LACES .. you can match anything you want to these shoes $110 dlvd to USA
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