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cant go wrong with a nice used Camry or Accord
im pretty nervous/excited about tomorrow . Im in the semi's and playing the big dog of our league Does anyone think I have a chance ? The more I look at this the more I feel like Im going to get smoked Im team Golden Shower by the way
Quote: Originally Posted by dispora are they hemmed at all? no hem ... they measure at 34"
Quote: Originally Posted by keenks! why is the patch so ugly? dont know but thats how it was from day 1
170 DLVD !! I need to sell asap ..... somebody will be getting a great deal
that kick was the single greatest highlight I have ever seen in MMA .......... WOW!
Quote: Originally Posted by L_Driver oh just imagine all the 70 year old men running around like this. I go back and forth on whether or not I want a tattoo. whens the last time you saw a bunch of 70 year olds without shirts on ? .... maybe one time , most likely never Dont listen to what people have to say. If you want a Tattoo get one ... if you have 2nd thoughts dont even bother
Just got these xx-013 in yesterday. Here's a couple post soak pics , feels like im wearing cardboard but they're breaking in nicely
100 Dlvd !
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