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Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks '02 toyota corolla complete with power locks/ windows and FM radio pics or I dont believe you
RIP Joe .... one of the greatest musicians ever
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake9072 I was on a documentary kick for a bit. Two that I found to be quite good: Touching the Void: Man on Wire: I love watching television shows via Instant Queue. It's how I found out about and caught up on Dexter, Lost, Prison Break, Coupling, Californication, and Top Gear Those are 2 must see's as well especially Touching the...
Anyone have any good netflix movie suggestions ? Here's a few that I watched recently that are worth a look 1. Mayor of the Sunset Strip - Documentary about Rodney bingenheimer KROQ DJ and his life . Sad story but pretty good movie , especially if your into Rock music 2. The wild and wonderful Whites of west Virginia - not a movie about racists. Its about a crazy ass family in West Virginia and its made by Johnny Knoxvilles company and worth a watch if your into crazy...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt I don't have a suggestion, I'm just amazed that the threak hasn't been flooded with suggestions to buy a BMW. a BMW for under 13 grand will be more of a problem than anything ...You'd be looking at a 3 series Bimmer with 100K miles on it. Also wont get the great warranty protection that BMW offers. If anything goes wrong it will cost alot at least double what it would cost for a Japanese/American car
160 takes this
cant go wrong with a nice used Camry or Accord
im pretty nervous/excited about tomorrow . Im in the semi's and playing the big dog of our league Does anyone think I have a chance ? The more I look at this the more I feel like Im going to get smoked Im team Golden Shower by the way
Quote: Originally Posted by dispora are they hemmed at all? no hem ... they measure at 34"
Quote: Originally Posted by keenks! why is the patch so ugly? dont know but thats how it was from day 1
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