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Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 They're coming out with a baggier ex-wife jean. Chillax. good stuff
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino Are the xx013's slubby as well? - can't tell from BiGs photos, but they don't look like it. very slubby/hairy ......
get a baby blue tux ... you'll kill it
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 ^ ... i would suggest hot water. i washed mine twice in a hot/cold gentle cycle Did you do all of this before your 1st wear ? I need to get more shrinkage in my 013's in the leg area , initially I only did a 45 warm soak. Im doing a 2hr hot soak now and debating on using washing machine/Dryer after
$10 off BUMP
perfect fit to me .... a little tight in the thighs but will lossen up a bit with wear
I'll take the KMW rockers in raw 34x34
Hi , up for sale is a like new worn 1 time Pure Blue Japan xx-013 size 34 . These were warm soaked and then hang dried. Worn 1 night and has zero fades or signs of wear. Purchased from BIG not too long ago for $280+ , not feeling the fit too much. My loss is your gain .... awesome denim These measure at 18" waist across and 33.5" length $200+10 dlvd priority to US Paypal add 4% for fee's
still have these ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake9072 Introduced several friends to Dexter and all of them are hooked. Ironically, I'm still not fully caught up on the series. I finished the first two seasons via Instant Queue, but haven't watched further than that. I share account with distant family so I don't receive the DVD's myself. Im on season 2 now ... what a great show It's up there with The Wire and Breaking Bad
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