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this is a great deal ... too bad its not my size
Quote: Originally Posted by booger Got thigh measurements on these? I measure 11 but not sure if im doing it correctly ... it should be around .5 less than what BIG has them at raw
Quote: Originally Posted by pronxs is this the old or new cut? I purchased it 2-3 months ago and was told that this cut slimmer than the previous
warm soak in tub for a little over a hour and hang dried .... I think they will shrink a little more if you soak again
^^^ i wish that flannel was a Large
AA I have some from 2-3 years ago that I still wear
Quote: Originally Posted by 7_rocket I'm not entertained by this show anymore. Seems to be the same song and dance. last week i figured this out myself ... its not entertaining anymore and alot of the show seems set-up/fake they need a whole new cast of characters
final bump!
115 dlvd .... these are some nice APC's here
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