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Up for sale is a new pair of Iron Heart 666s. These have been soaked from waist down and tried on in the house. No signs of wear or fades. Unaltered. $290 paypal shipped priority mail with tracking Measurements are the following : Waist 35 Knee 9 Hem 8.2 Length 35 If you would like to see more pics or have any questions please feel free.
Just got a pair of the Left Field Tailored chinos. Wanted to get them hemmed but not sure if I should do it after a first wash. Do these shrink much? I emailed Left Field but got no response
Hi , up for sale is a brand new Iron Heart Loopwheeled T-Shirt. Retail is $110. Top notch quality made in Japan , brand new never worn. Selling because it's smaller than I expected it to be. Shipping with tracking and paypal covered
^^ the spill isn't that bad after seeing it in the day. Think a cold soak will help keeping the wine stains from setting in?
Just spilled some red wine on my new flat heads . I used a damp towel and patted it down on the places that had the wine. Can I leave it this way until I wash them in a month or 2, or should I wash them asap? Will the wine stains show up when the denim lightens up in a couple years?
Tired of wearing white Converse Chucks. Looking for a similar canvas shoe that looks good with denim -$100 ... Thanks in advance for any help
SOLD SOLD SOLD Hi , up for sale is a Brand New Filson Rucksack in the Tan color. I purchased this bag a couple months ago . Never been used but I did remove the tags because I didnt think I would sell it. Bills to pay and I cant keep this awesome bag. I still have all the tags it came with including the warranty card. This rucksack will last you forever and look even better as it ages. Sold out in this color almost everywhere including the Filson store. If you have any...
New Posts  All Forums: