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$130 shipped
Cool .. I suspected a new tag from factory as well. Could be the punch weight too but they seem different. I would think the punch weight would make the stamp lighter to see and not thinner letters. Anyway heres my Otter Army . Rucksack , Carry-On , Medium Duffle and the new 70257 I just got
Just purchased another Filson bag (257) recently and got it in today. Got it on ebay from a good seller , its brand new and everything looks good. The fabric , leather and zippers match all of my other Filson's but I did notice 1 difference. The little tag where it's stamped "FIlson Co Seattle" seems to be different than my other 3 bags. Maybe they changed it or possible they have 2 different styles? The letters are skinny and all my others have fatter letters in the...
Up for sale is a new pair of size 34 Left Field Chinos Cone Mills Selvedge canvas I believe 11oz. These are the tailored model which are the slim fit. I had them professionally hemmed 2" and hot soaked to get all the shrinkage out. Wore them 1 day inside the house to see if I like them and I cant pull them off. $150>$130 shipped priority mail to anywhere in the USA. Retail on them was $210 Measurements are the following: Waist 17.5 Knee 8.8 Hem 7.8 Length 33 ( still had...
Up for sale is a new pair of Iron Heart 666s. These have been soaked from waist down and tried on in the house. No signs of wear or fades. Unaltered. $290 paypal shipped priority mail with tracking Measurements are the following : Waist 35 Knee 9 Hem 8.2 Length 35 If you would like to see more pics or have any questions please feel free.
Just got a pair of the Left Field Tailored chinos. Wanted to get them hemmed but not sure if I should do it after a first wash. Do these shrink much? I emailed Left Field but got no response
Hi , up for sale is a brand new Iron Heart Loopwheeled T-Shirt. Retail is $110. Top notch quality made in Japan , brand new never worn. Selling because it's smaller than I expected it to be. Shipping with tracking and paypal covered
^^ the spill isn't that bad after seeing it in the day. Think a cold soak will help keeping the wine stains from setting in?
Just spilled some red wine on my new flat heads . I used a damp towel and patted it down on the places that had the wine. Can I leave it this way until I wash them in a month or 2, or should I wash them asap? Will the wine stains show up when the denim lightens up in a couple years?
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