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some night shots an aquarium shot and some food haha
Thanks for the feedback Kaplan. I do like the second one better the more I look at it. I feel I should go back and take it at a better angle now. DCG that second picture is brilliant!
This is with the left bit out, it does add symmetry, but does it look like something is missing on the left or is it just because i've seen it in person and my mind is wired to know that it isn't correct?
Ohhh gotcha yeah that would be fairly easy to do. I'll give it a go, thanks!
^^the left or right? The angels horn from my eyes looks in the middle. Taking more would make it asymmetrical no?
Hi guys! A random collection of stuff the past month or so
Thanks it was that glowing early morning light
haven't been on in a while, this semester, working a real job, and family has been crazy. A few playing with shadows at the park
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