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Ralph Lauren discontinued their Black Label collection last year, canned the Rugby line even before that and is now said to do away with just recently re-launched Polo Sport and jeans-based Denim & Supply. Is that true? Ralph Lauren Purple Label Ralph Lauren Black Label (discontinued) RRL (endangered?) Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Sport (to be discontinued) RLX (reduced to golfwear) Polo Golf Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren (to be discontinued) Lauren Ralph Lauren Ralph Ralph Lauren
They are Italia Independent.
Why is Fendi celebrating 90 years in mid-2016 when they were founded in 1925? Kendall walked on water in Karl Lagerfeld and Fendi's celebration of 90 years in Rome This is their fall 2016 menswear collection:
Helmut Lang menswear was relaunched with New York designer Alexandre Plokhov in early 2014.
Since when has Chanel been making neckties for men? There is an entire rack at the Cortlandt Street Century 21. I thought Chanel was - except for cologne and watches - strictly a ladies' brand...?
Just out of interest, is "Ballantyne of Peebles" vintage Ballantyne? From the Dawson International era, that is pre-2004?
C'N'C apparently meant "Costume and Costume". Because that's exactly what they call their secondary line now that C'N'C has been canned.
If it has to be the Burb, why not consider one of these? I don't like the brand that much, but the resale value is ok. I had bought a long grey wool herringbone winter coat with the check lining from their London line on sale back in 1999 or so for 350 dollars at an outlet (Burberry retail prices were generally lower then) and sold it on ebay a few years ago for 572 dollars. It was in near-mint...
The code will only work (in Europe?) on select items that say "Last-minute rush: Through August 11th, enjoy an EXTRA 10% off this item with the YOOXCODE YOOXHOLIDAY10" (or other language eqivalent) in red below the item description.
What brand are Karl Lagerfeld's sunglasses? (Worn at the Chanel Haute Couture show 2014, for example). Oooohhh, he needs a nose and ear hair trimmer....
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