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i'm not sure what thread to ask this in but does anyone want to share an order from universal works. I don't feel like paying 25 pounds shipping for one pair of pants. Thanks
if anyone got tokyo wool pants in a 28 and doesn't want shoot me a pm.
heschung boots. not exactly the most flip worth item.
the guy who snagged the one thing i wanted on mr porter is now trying to flip it on ebay for more than double. yay.
m Anyone own these? How are they? They're brown acnes.
If anyone picked up heschung ginkos in a 7us and doesn't want them pm me. Thanks
well i think the US site has not taken off as well as they though so they are reducing stuff more. I have been following stuff that have sold out at full price on the EU site but are still available on the US so that is probably why.
thanks for the insights. really like some of the stuff.
Hey. Since you seem to know about the brand- what are the differences between the L.B.M. 1911 line and the Luigi Bianchi Mantova label stuff? Thanks
thanks a lot.
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