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Anyone know if you can return TBS Final sale reduction stuff?
the way it works on east dane is that if you add something to your cart it reserves it for 30 minutes so it technically goes out of stock on the product page but then typically stuff reappear as people don't buy everything in their carts.
Final Sale at TBS
With the favorable exchange rate some EU sites have good prices check- and
i got an ashby at selfridges a while back for $160
i just bought a pair of Barton Perreira that I really like. I think they were founded by ex Oliver Peoples designers. I also have a pair of MODO which offers good bang for your buck.
I was in the Soho store yesterday and they had most sizes and colors of the pleated pants for 19.90.
definitely a medium.
Just picked these up. First pair of C&J. What you think?
Rick-I'm gonna be placing an order for some stuff. I was wondering if there were any size 28 trousers in a solid navy or dark gray wool? I know they were on the site last time I checked but don't see anything now. Thanks
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