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https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/brands/patrikervell great prices. bomber is $216. tees are 50. would better if they didn't originally mark everything up like 10% more than retail.
i just ordered standard jeans in navy from the webstore and when i got them they said FW14 inside. Anyone have a similar experience? Do the standard jeans vary from season to season? They seem pretty similar to the ones I have from SS14 but I'm just wondering if this something to care about. Thanks.
can someone get grailed to ban people from selling kanye yeezy sneakers or whatever they are for $1000?
just picked up the allure coat. anyone know how it withstands rain?
norsestore has a 39.
ha. thanks, but i was asking @zxcvbn.
how did you size? i was thinking of picking one of those up.
is that the club monaco made in USA suit?
Anyone now that I look closely the buttons look sort of misplaced on the Matteo suits.
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