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how does it fit?
Sample sale next friday according to racked.
until you click thorough and everything says out of stock.
No. They're miele which is somewhat lighter and closer to tan. Will they still get darker? Thanks.
Good Color? What to wear with?
Does accessories include ties and scarves or are those still at the bundle pricing you posted yesterday?
i saw some in bloomingdales at the end of the season when they were very few left at like 20% off. Don't know what they're doing this year.
true but i think that both the corners and matches buys have been consistently bad. East dane by far has the biggest selection and some stuff there has actually sold out at full price or at 30% off. The corner buys 5 pieces and it doesn't sell well because it doesn't really fit aesthetically with most of the stuff they sell and when you buy a few pieces it doesn't really look like a cohesive collection. Though its really hard to know whats going on without really...
i'm not sure what thread to ask this in but does anyone want to share an order from universal works. I don't feel like paying 25 pounds shipping for one pair of pants. Thanks
if anyone got tokyo wool pants in a 28 and doesn't want shoot me a pm.
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