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I am curious what does it mean when people put the @ sign in front of a name? Is this a new fashion? Regarding stripes we are not currently thinking about any other than actual regimentals. Also we are not offering a group MTO as that is too restrictive for what we do. Stripe directions, length, width and rolled edges etc are all customized with custom made/bespoke ties so that is easy to do.
Claghorn,An interesting idea, for us it would only work if we liked the design and then we would make it with no minimum.Also we normally work on groups of designs so for example now I am working on stripes and have been for a while so stripes would not be very difficult to do.Doing one type of design on its own can be very expensive and a slow process.If you can find a tie maker that typically goes to Italy and looks at designs that might work better for you.
Claghorn,Thank you for your email.Currently I am interested in regimental ties and if there was a regimental stripe that was of interest it would probably be easy to have it woven with no minimum order if we have a design sample - we only make customized ties - I mention this as I am not sure what MTO means in this thread.For another type of design never say never - we have a staff artist - feel free to email me with ideas.
I agree with you - Brabantia makes great ironing boards.
I thought it was a fascinating glimpse of history not only talking about how people got started sewing but talking about the social environment at the time.
Thank you for the photo - that was fast.The sides of the tie look normal.The tie has a rolled edge and where the rolled edge meets the side it is stiffer so it extends up a bit.The slightly extra weight of one grenadine over another would not normally have much influence on the overall look of the tie.In the photo you can see unevenness in the rolled edge which shows that it was made quickly and implies that the folding was also done quickly which would tend to add to 3D...
Can you please post a photo?
A good question - normally all hand made ties will have a bit of a roll on the edges as they are not ironed or given a heavy pressing just a touch of heat, as already mentioned.If the edge has more than a normal gentle roll (3-D) it will be from the fabric and wool might very well be the main reason...
"It's actually pretty fun." Having fun in life is so important. You did a great job with your prom guidance - good work. They probably have an interesting computer inventory system and you can learn lots of different things even if what not to do sometimes.
Very friendly and fast service - a great seller.
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