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GradSchooler,In about 2 weeks I should be making an order of English silk - perhaps 3 months afterwards we will have the silk.Meanwhile new grenadines have been woven and we should receive them in a couple of weeks.JPHardy,Great photos - I like the wood background.
50oz for Macclesfield silks is the rough weight per 10 yards.Keep in mind that Macclesfield prints are also going to be wider than typical woven silks.It is an old form of measurement.The 50oz Macclesfields are quite heavy and we typically use them with our madder silks.The best way to measure when having silks woven is by the warp and weft count.
G'day Elegantly Wasted,Typically no, you need to see the interlining.Almost all luxury ties will have good quality wool interlinings.Low end ties will normally not use wool interlinings although there are exceptions as an example some Chinese ties have very low end wool interlinings which are better than polyester but not nearly as nice as the best Italian interlinings
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Thank you for your kind words I have not seen your squares but I have seen your other creative efforts on the internet which are wonderful.Our pocket squares are indeed different in terms of construction in that we take 2+ hours per pocket square and they are custom made one by one by experts.Sadly we have between little to no cost savings from living in Thailand. All design, management, training and higher level skills are currently done by Americans. transportation costs...
Imatlas,Yes, it would be a good idea to do a few different colorways.
RSS,Thank you for your thoughts.Wool has a nice texture but it limits the quality of the print so I hesitate to do a complex print on wool or a mixture.No deposits are requested.
Patrick Booth,Yes, there is an amazing tapestry set with an origin that is a mystery.From the New Yorker:"...An expert medieval weaver might need an hour to complete one square inch of a tapestry, which meant that in a good week he might finish a patch maybe eight inches on a side. The weavers were generally young men, and each Unicorn tapestry likely had a team of between four and six working on it..."So it sounds like 2 days work for the weaving of a pocket square, plus...
Tobiasj,I know that you are joking but some jacket pockets are bigger or smaller than others, and some gentlemen like the understated look of a pocket square just barely showing, while others like a waterfall effect; and then most of course like something in the middle.Then there is the weight of the fabric to be considered as in the heavier fabrics should be a smaller square than a lighter fabric to fit roughly the same in a pocket.Earlier in this thread someone mentioned...
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