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Trust your intution go with your first thought...The clasic tie width in America is 3.75 inches - 3.5 if you are thin. below 3.5 you should be very thin or enjoy a bit of fashion in your style.Lapels are secondary to your physical size as a guideline to tie width.I know that many stores sell narrow ties these days but that's fashion not a classic look - which is great if you like fashion or are very thin.The reality is that most Americans are not thin so thin ties are not...
Thank you - good to know.Do you know how long they last?And is it easy to just drop them in?
There is no special budget as I am only looking at the Citizen Golf watch I haven't seen any similar watches anywhere.I will take a look at watchuseek.If my Citizen Ecodrive stopped working in anything less than 20 years I would be quite disappointed. Although a new battery after 15 years is reasonable...
Thank you for the information.I like the weight/look of titanium watches and I have a Citizen Eco drive that I bought more than 12 years ago in Tokyo which is still going strong. Although the clasp needs replacing and I can't find a source for a new one yet...I love the strength, accuracy and that it does not need anything to keep working.I wonder if after 15 years or so it may need a new internal battery.
Thank you for the suggestion - I like the dial with the narrow hands http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-H68411533-Khaki-Field-Black/dp/B000AONZK8But I really like Citizen Eco Drive watches - the golf model is relatively new which is why I was asking for reviews
Yes, you are correct the Seiko 5 does have a very nice look but it seems to have a lower build quality - for example it does not use a sapphire crystal which is a must for me as I often work with my hands and have two small kids that I play with daily. I have a low, almost zero tolerance for scratches.The Citizen watch strap also looks comfortable and I love quartz watches with Eco drive for casual watches.Btodoroff,Thank you for the suggestion.Yes, a nice watch but not...
I want to buy a simple clean looking titanium watch that is comfortable and have been looking at this Citizen golf watch - anyone have it? http://www.amazon.com/Citizen-BM7120-01E-Titanium-Drive-Watch/dp/B004JKFJ6M
Radical Dog,Still looking forward to the photos when you get back.Meanwhile it turns out we have one woman on our staff that can sew beautiful hand sewn dots (spots for our UK friends).I am not sure how long it would take to sew dots on an entire tie but custom colors would be possible and we would start with grenadines.
It should be there any minute now.....You can camp out by your mailbox.Depart USPS Sort FacilityAugust 27, 2012, 11:04 pmNY Registered Mailâ„¢
Radical Dog,The best knit tie review I have seen - good work.Any chance of close-up photos of all 4?The photos would help show the difference between 2 and 3.
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