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bsch1, "I have a few Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren ties, but after a few months they lose their luster (look dull in color) and begin developing pulls." You should return the ties if they lose their luster after a few months as this should not happen
davesmith,Thank you for your question.There typically is zero duties charged in America for neckties and shipping is usually less than $20 as we use the post office most of the time. $11 for one tie $15 for two ties via registered airmail which is very safe.Some other countries do have VAT and duty but that is very normal for those countries - I am thinking about northern Europe.
There is another school of thought which is that the lapel is a secondary consideration. Instead look to your body size. If you are tall a wider tie will work well and so on...
Gdot,All I can say is amazing - when I was a boy living in Banjara Hills on Road #12 there were no hotels.Just a few houses here and there and lots of boulders and rocks. No tourists - no high tech...I plan to visit again with my children in a few years from now - I hope that i am not too disappointed with all the growth.
zerostyle,I have heard Chipp2s grenadines described as a good value, here is a review that was mailed to me one year ago:"In one of the forums someone had asked about the Chipp2 Grenadine ties.If you recall I ordered a dark red and bright blue from you and I own several of the Chipp2 grenadines. The Chipp2 grenadines are all garza fina and appear to be from a nice reputable mill.I think there is slightly less sheen than your ties so they don't look as expensive.The...
DaveSmith,I am easygoing - all is well.I am a long term businessman and I do plan on returning to more mulberry/silk farming which with a blend of Western technology and Thai tradition hopefully will give us a raw material advantage for silk down the road.We take great pride in what we do so a small profit margin is OK for us.Now back to our previously scheduled program....,
DaveSmith,I am not sure what you are thinking about but no one in this thread has said anything bad about Drakes and yes, they are expensive which is very normal for retail stores.As for our operating costs - very softly, gently and politely you are simply not correct.First, we are not in the Far East, we are in Thailand which is in South East Asia. Although labor costs are lower here than in the West, they are fast rising under new laws and training costs here are higher...
Iatrogenic, I think that you are leaving something important out of the equation: Our Sam Hober ties are custom made which means that we make our ties very slowly and carefully - you won't find this in ready made ties. You will find luxury fabrics but not the same construction quality. Also a $150 grenadine from Drakes will typically be a 3-fold not a 6-fold. Also our 4-fold ties have exactly the same construction quality as our 6-folds - you may want to consider a...
GradSchooler,In about 2 weeks I should be making an order of English silk - perhaps 3 months afterwards we will have the silk.Meanwhile new grenadines have been woven and we should receive them in a couple of weeks.JPHardy,Great photos - I like the wood background.
50oz for Macclesfield silks is the rough weight per 10 yards.Keep in mind that Macclesfield prints are also going to be wider than typical woven silks.It is an old form of measurement.The 50oz Macclesfields are quite heavy and we typically use them with our madder silks.The best way to measure when having silks woven is by the warp and weft count.
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