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Superb summary of what is bespoke.Berkeley and the Bay Area in general has some very creative people - talk some more to her husband and ask to see some more examples, you may end up finding the suits to be what you feel are a great buy for the money because of her service and closeness to you.
I may have to add another green to our linen collection - thank you for the suggestion.
You are 100% correct.To make an OK pocket square is not that hard if you have talent, but to make a luxury pocket square takes making hundreds of practice ones under the supervision of an expert, and then it takes 2+ hours to make each pocket square on average.Currently there are only a very few luxury pocket square makers in the world.
Cbbuff, Grenadine pocket squares are very rare - we are probably the only maker in the world with a grenadine pocket square collection. They work well when you want texture mixed with elegance.
Good evening MKtitsworth,As In Stitches mentioned email is best: [URL=http://customerservice@samhober.com][/URL]And I am very relaxed and happy to answer your questions about how to make a tie that works well for you. Mainly I listen and ask questions trying to have your tie end up with your vision but my practical advice.Our workshop is typically open 6 days a week (Monday through Saturday) from 8 to 430 (Thai time zone) although I will often be in my office working late...
IROH, "awesome reply. you should write an article on entreprenuer.com. i would love to read it." Thank you for your kind words sadly time does not allow for outside writing adventures. "so does this mean your ties are better quality than drakes? then why not raise your prices to match or exceed? why hold yourself back?" All our ties are custom made/bespoke - Drakes makes mostly ready made ties and some made to measure which they refer to as bespoke (I am not sure...
IROH,I am not sure if you are joking but since today is Christmas Day as a courtesy I will politely reply to your post with a partial list of our production process:1) We only make custom made ties not ready made ties so we spend time asking questions before we even start making ties. With some gentlemen who know exactly what they want this discussion can be simple and clear with others there can be a dozen emails and a phone call involved. Also there can be language...
Iron Rock,Thank you for your kind words although I think there may be a misconception of our cost structure. We actually have a small Thai staff of seamstresses that do a lot of very detailed hand work for us; but much of the work, as in all the design work of each individual pattern (we do not mass produce ties as Drakes mostly does) and all the quality control and all the customer contact is done by Americans.Also the hand work done by our Thai staff is much more...
Yes, we make silk scarves (no fringes currently) although you may need to email us as we have only a few on our website.We use 50% madder, Macclesfield prints, Thais silk and wool challis etc..You can order - single side or double/tube scarves and we also do scarves with rolled edges.An example of a two sided/tube 50 oz Macclesfield Madder Scarf:
Axel Ferguson,Actually, the silk has been set aside for a couple of years, but we only started on the bow tie last week.The small details will be what is different and the custom pattern/construction.I actually do stare at designs daily for weeks at a time when thinking about new silks.
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