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Radical Dog,Still looking forward to the photos when you get back.Meanwhile it turns out we have one woman on our staff that can sew beautiful hand sewn dots (spots for our UK friends).I am not sure how long it would take to sew dots on an entire tie but custom colors would be possible and we would start with grenadines.
It should be there any minute now.....You can camp out by your mailbox.Depart USPS Sort FacilityAugust 27, 2012, 11:04 pmNY Registered Mail™
Radical Dog,The best knit tie review I have seen - good work.Any chance of close-up photos of all 4?The photos would help show the difference between 2 and 3.
Ricini, I will be posting on the front page of our site silk updates and for other silk questions please email me - thank you. TaxGenius, ScurvyFreedman Has answered your question well. A few thoughts - it is important to actually measure, as some gentlemen have long or short upper torsos which can really change the measurements. Also the big end of your tie should be where you like it not where it makes a nice knot. Generally a half-Windsor needs an extra 2 inches...
DaveSmith,You have me curious - is this something you have done or have watched done?I am unclear what you mean by "after the fact".If I were going to sew spots on a grenadine tie by hand today I would do it just after cutting the silk, and before the tie was folded.With a knit maybe the same way - but I am not sure - it depends on how we had the fabric knitted.
Radical Dog,Thank you for your suggestion - we do something similar currently with our bar tacks.If there was interest in custom dots we would probably start with our grenadine silks and offer squares in addition to dots.
Unbelragazzo,You are correct - we don't use knit fabrics currently.Knits ties typically are knitted in long tubes like an open sock.We do not make any ready made ties and it will take some time for us to be able to customize knit ties - but this is something on the horizon for us - eventually we will make bespoke knit ties.
Doopdoop,In Thailand dressing well is considered very important, perhaps more than in Western countries.If you look at photos of the King of Thailand he looks great wearing formal Western and Thai clothes, He also wears a pocket square in his suits.Many important business people wear suits in Thailand.Sure it rains in the rainy season but it rains and snows elsewhere so you use commonsense.And yes it gets hot especially in Bangkok - so airconditioning can be your...
Very slowly, but steadily we continue to work on a project to use real natural madder again as a dye for pocket squares and neckties. Along with other dyes. Stand by for updates...
guy321,Your idea is a good one if you have a good eye for a niche market and general business experience/skill.Keeping your current job is a great idea - you can use nights and weekends to start your business.First, find a good name and setup a basic website talking about what you want to do.Then buy shopping cart software and pick basic website software.Next, signup for PayPal and a merchant account or just PayPal to start.You costs so far are very low.Next research...
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