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Scohrdarkshadow,You need to request the sender to ask the Italian post office to track the package.You also should call your local post office to see if the package is there. The reason is that the USPS has challenges with their computers quite often so a delivery attempt may have been made and the package is waiting for you. (50% chance)If your package is determined to be lost after the Italian post office traces it you will get a refund of your postage plus a small...
I just ordered the DVD in PAL format but I will hopefully be playing it on my iMac - will that work smoothly?
The Louche,You make a good point.Historically, I can tell you that my father who is 85 and whose career was in the New York fashion industry only wears cotton pocket squares and he explained to me when I asked a long time ago that the popularity of linen pocket squares is more of a recent fashion. Quite often experts who write books and articles are good writers but have limited experience actually making clothes and really knowing the industry - but they write well.Linen...
Tie width should match your body size if you are into classic style. Lapels and fashion trends are just that trends. For a classic look: If someone is tall and has big shoulders a narrow tie won't fit well. The opposite is also true if you are quite thin and not so tall a narrow tie will look just right. Then you can fine-tune your tie width based on lapels etc after thinking about your body size.
Classic would be more like 3.75 inches - with recent fashion narrower.With your weight and height I would lean more towards 3.25 inches and perhaps 56 inches long for a four-in-hand knot in a 4-fold construction - although you need to measure yourself to get the correct width. Short or long upper torsos can change measurements.
Trust your intution go with your first thought...The clasic tie width in America is 3.75 inches - 3.5 if you are thin. below 3.5 you should be very thin or enjoy a bit of fashion in your style.Lapels are secondary to your physical size as a guideline to tie width.I know that many stores sell narrow ties these days but that's fashion not a classic look - which is great if you like fashion or are very thin.The reality is that most Americans are not thin so thin ties are not...
Thank you - good to know.Do you know how long they last?And is it easy to just drop them in?
There is no special budget as I am only looking at the Citizen Golf watch I haven't seen any similar watches anywhere.I will take a look at watchuseek.If my Citizen Ecodrive stopped working in anything less than 20 years I would be quite disappointed. Although a new battery after 15 years is reasonable...
Thank you for the information.I like the weight/look of titanium watches and I have a Citizen Eco drive that I bought more than 12 years ago in Tokyo which is still going strong. Although the clasp needs replacing and I can't find a source for a new one yet...I love the strength, accuracy and that it does not need anything to keep working.I wonder if after 15 years or so it may need a new internal battery.
Thank you for the suggestion - I like the dial with the narrow hands http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-H68411533-Khaki-Field-Black/dp/B000AONZK8But I really like Citizen Eco Drive watches - the golf model is relatively new which is why I was asking for reviews
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