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Cuttingboard,It is a style choice with no practical purpose.
A beautiful set of ties.
Cousin Donuts,I understand that you are joking but you got me thinking about the Italian documentary film that has been promoting its trailer - the old tailors talk about learning to sew when they were young.I think that if you don't start young you will rarely get the small details of making clothing - very much like sports - you typically need to start playing ball almost as soon as you can run.I know that when I was young I started by sweeping the floors on the weekends...
D.B. Cooper,You sound like you are parent who understands these things.We do have another business named Benjamin Hober. Its purpose is to grow silk worms, reel, dye and weave silk on our family farm here in Thailand. Up to now we have only woven traditional Thai silk but later we may do more Western style jacquard weaving.Both Sam and Benjamin are growing up playing in our workshops after school so we will see later what direction they will take.
Threadbearer,You are correct - our workshop looks just like the picture - or at least that is the atmosphere. Although we play soft Thai music instead of Christmas songs and we have seamstresses making our ties and pocket squares instead of elves.Amazingly, I still think of Sam (Samantha) as a baby but she is almost six now and I think that soon I will be working for her. She has great eyesight like Noina her mother (20/10) and will soon be making pocket squares - at least...
Interestingly Nicholas Storey and I have been working - very slowly on just such a project for a couple of years. He is in South America and has found some interesting spiders which he is trying to collect the silk from.We would then probably spin the silk into fabric here in Thailand on our fram as reeling may be too difficult, and then make ties.The cost of the ties will be very high.
deepitm,Very good questions - and you could ask the same about luxury ties and clothes in general.First, pocket squares with hand rolled edges have two basic styles - the rustic look which is uneven and sewn at fast speeds and the luxury smoothly rolled edges with mitered edges (like a picture frame). The rustic look is made in Europe and China and the luxury rolled edge is occasional made in France and daily made in our workshop in Bangkok.The rustic rolled edge requires...
Clovis,We only make luxury bespoke ties (which requires individual measurements for every tie) and are slightly above your goal - price point but I am happy to help with basic questions either in this post or by email to help you with your project. customerservice@samhober.comSome thoughts:An English reppe weave silk would work well for you. Don't use Chinese silk.When you select your silk you will want a 150 warp and weft count - in the reppe weave.You will want a pure...
Tyrone,Thank you for thinking of us.Freddych,We would be happy to make a white linen pocket square for you in any size that you like.Also hundreds of other fabrics that might interest you for pocket squares....It takes us about one day to make a pocket square plus mailing time.
RicPac,A white linen or cotton pocket square is the only essential one.
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