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Tyrone,Thank you for thinking of us.Freddych,We would be happy to make a white linen pocket square for you in any size that you like.Also hundreds of other fabrics that might interest you for pocket squares....It takes us about one day to make a pocket square plus mailing time.
RicPac,A white linen or cotton pocket square is the only essential one.
Pyrhye,You are exactly correct.As Will mentions there are trends over time which may influence a gentleman's choice in tie construction; but in the end a man's body (height, width, upper torso etc) should be the starting point not fashion trends.That is for a classic look that will work for many years regardless of fashion trends.
Aj_del, Classic ties - beautiful and making me sleepy....
Dave Smith You could buy a basic pattern for neckties at your local sewing shop and start with that. A simple but good method.
Beautiful ties - good work gentlemen - I am very impressed. I have always thought that if you made model airplanes, boats etc as a boy then you can make clothes as you will have a feeling for small details. You can certainly use scissors and many tie makers use them, but we prefer rotary blades as they work very smoothly after you are used to them. Saltricks As Cary Grant mentions a nice cutting board is a good idea to use. We cut wool with a rotary blade with no...
Bobbers, The silk in your photos are not grenadines.
If you are very careful and avoid the edges you can gently iron a tie at the correct heat setting. Typically high end ties will have pure wool interlinings which will take care of most of your problems with wrinkling. Rolling ties is a debatable subject as it does have the possibility of damaging tie tips - to be safe don't do it with a luxury tie.
James, The project is moving slowly as we are busy nonstop with making ties and pocket squares. I may decide to buy rather than grow some madder root at first to speed things up. The overall idea is to go back to natural dyes as they have a beautiful look. Last week I spoke with a friend who is working on a cotton with natural dye bicycle bag and there is a small but enthusiastic demand for natural dyes. At the moment i am working on a photo gallery for our ties but...
Costanza, Your question is interesting. First, most tie constructions will work with most knots with some exceptions. As an example a grenadine weave is a loose one which will naturally create a full knot so we don't suggest Windsor knots with grenadines. A lighter tie in general will balance with a Windsor knot. If you want a smaller or larger knot you would adjust the width of the tie in the knot area. Adjusting the interlining is also a possibility but not the best...
New Posts  All Forums: