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I don't know what Crombie's reputation is on SF - my comments were my own thoughts.I don't think the blend will be delicate at all - it sounds quite strong to me - what makes you think it would be delicate?I have used silk and cashmere mixed fabrics and they were strong.Based on the brand history I assume that the wool will be high quality and also be strong.However, if you require a certain construction technique and this coat doesn't have it then forget about it.Trust...
It sounds like a good fabric mix from a classic company. You may not even notice the silk - it will probably feel like a soft wool.
Slipperman,Sorry for any confusion but Sam Hober doesn't offer any ties for sale.Only ties that are custom ordered so we can make an unlined grenadine but I don't suggest it - I think there is a good reason for necktie interlinings and almost always they are a good idea.Many gentlemen do like untipped grenadine ties with rolled edges.Sam (Samantha my daughter who is 9 years old) is focused on designing doll clothing at the moment. She is doing well with pattern making.
What makes you and your future wife happy is the most important thing to consider.The fact that you are mentioning the see-through tipping says that it is a concern - you don't want anything bothering you on your wedding day.
Ac,I do typically refer to grenadine as a loose weave but it is also referred to as a type of silk fabric.And looking at rolls of it in our fabric room I think of it as a raw material.We make grenadine ties with a cashmere/silk mix and there is a subtle difference in the final feeling.The cashmere/silk grenadine makes a slightly tighter and smaller knot. And the texture has a cashmere feeling.I wear grenadines year round of all types but some might say that the cashmere...
I have not heard of any palace revolts so I assume that he still holds his title of King of the 3 inch ties, and will do so for a long time...
I may be wrong but I believe it was "The King of the 3 inch ties" and the gentleman was Kent Wang - who has gone on to create a really cool clothing based business.I am very impressed with what he has done.I agree with you about fashion trends I always advise to look at your body size (which doesn't usually change much) when thinking about tie widths not tie lapels.
Yes.One additional thought:Printed silks (often twills) can be woven on a jacquard loom before being printed on.This further shows that technically jacquards are a very large group of fabrics - very large...Voltaire once said:I may detest what you have to say but I will die for your right to say it - perhaps slightly exaggerated for this issue but you gentlemen get the idea.For the historians out there something very...
Thank you sir.
Thank you - interesting to see how the word is used in different contexts.I also like it that different regions have their own styles.
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