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An interesting thread and I am enjoying all the thoughts... I find that some of the comments on tie construction are overly complicated and some I simply don't understand... There are a number of factors that make up a beautiful tie but going very slowly and paying close attention to details is perhaps the most important one with luxury materials being a close runner up. After that it is mostly personal choice. Also there are many sartorial myths floating about - some...
Robert Talbott is a good company - the pocket square should not come undone like that. You might consider sending it back to them via registered airmail they should be able to fix the problem easily. The best way to fix the problem is to remove the thread and then redo it correctly. Not make a knot and add to the sewing.
Claghorn,If we have enough fabric on hand we would be happy to make a pocket square.
I am sure that Burberry simply factors into their overall cost and profit all that trying on and if that is OK with you then their policy is a good one.
I am not sure what you mean by the brand being an issue unless you mean that you had tried them on before and liked the knot size? But the same brand could have many different constructions/knot size.Also I am not sure about the quantity of ties unless you mean that losing a demo tie when you have thousands is not a big issue for the store (probably true).In the end it is all about price - if you don't mind paying extra for ties in a store that allows 100% try-ons then all...
Ac,I agree.The idea of trying on a tie in a store is a good one; but keep in mind that long term it raises prices as most men prefer to buy a new tie that has not been tried on.
I don't know what Crombie's reputation is on SF - my comments were my own thoughts.I don't think the blend will be delicate at all - it sounds quite strong to me - what makes you think it would be delicate?I have used silk and cashmere mixed fabrics and they were strong.Based on the brand history I assume that the wool will be high quality and also be strong.However, if you require a certain construction technique and this coat doesn't have it then forget about it.Trust...
It sounds like a good fabric mix from a classic company. You may not even notice the silk - it will probably feel like a soft wool.
Slipperman,Sorry for any confusion but Sam Hober doesn't offer any ties for sale.Only ties that are custom ordered so we can make an unlined grenadine but I don't suggest it - I think there is a good reason for necktie interlinings and almost always they are a good idea.Many gentlemen do like untipped grenadine ties with rolled edges.Sam (Samantha my daughter who is 9 years old) is focused on designing doll clothing at the moment. She is doing well with pattern making.
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