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AlanSee99, Here is an example using 100% Belgian linen of what I meant by mitered corners - note the stitches should be tight, even and barely visible and the rolled edges should also be straight and even. The pocket square should be balanced which is something that seems like a small point but takes time to get just right. Normally one person sew the edges and another checks, and then it is checked again two more times; if anything is wrong - even a single stitch...
Some very beautiful hats on that website - thank you for the suggestion.
AlanSee89,A long time ago Irish linen was very good quality.Currently they are marketing linen made with imported lower quality flax as "Irish linen"So no it is not the same quality as Belgian and French linen, and I do not suggest it.
You need to start by asking the maker where the linen comes from - you should be thinking about Belgian and French linen only.Italian linen and linen/cotton can be beautiful but the flax is probably not from Italy.Next, think about the texture if you want to focus on crisp folds pure Belgian and French linen is a good choice - for puffs consider an Italian linen/cotton mix.For the edges look at the number of small stitches the more the better - look for 5 to 10 per...
"Panama in a darker colour that might not show the dirt as easily!" Thats an idea - actually we have local simple rough straw hats that are low cost and that don't seem to get that dirty but they do fall apart over time... which is OK adds character..
Panamas are certainly beautiful and useful but I worry about the wind and how to clean them.I love gardening and getting hats dirty at times is par for the course and the wind can easily blow light hats off to the horizon..So am I missing something - can you easily clean a muddy Panama and do they stay on your head in the wind?If not no problem I can save them for going out to lunch or social events.Although my social events tend to involve large dogs and small children...
Andy57,A creative solution - when in a restaurant I just put my hat on an extra chair or leave it in my car.My biggest concern is losing a hat - so recently I started to add my email address inside the hat.
This is a quiet but very cool thread - maybe a metaphor for those who wear hats?
Like wearing a bow tie...
Andy57,You understand me exactly.Pith helmets are very practical.And I think it was pith helmets made in Vietnam were the most recent selection that I have heard of. I will do a Google search.The styles differ so a choice has to be made.I don't like the British empire style I do like Safari styles.An interesting video:
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