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Looks great!
Sounds like a great idea.Please post a photo.I have two large glasses that I was thinking of making a sand sculpture in with a cactus. But you have given me an idea to make a silk sculpture with pocket squares.
I also put mine in a drawer but they are not so organized.
I like Cross enamel type (not sure what the actual coating is) pens for walking around and old silver Parker pens for the office. I use both roller balls and fountain pens for writing notes but I only use fountain pens in the office.
12345Michael54321,I respect your opinion, but based on two things I respectfully disagree with you:1) Except for very thin men most American businessmen when they have a choice order 3.75 inches - this statement is based on based on our daily order measurements and my observations. Men often write to me saying they are disappointed that they can't get the width that they want in stores.Men from Asia and younger Americans concerned about fashion will often get narrower...
I bought a Dunhill tie 20 years ago with a nice conservative pattern - not sure how they are today. The construction was average and factory made.Almost all silk is Mulberry silk - so in this case it is clever marketing only.The leaf of the Mulberry tree or bush is fed to silk worms.We grow mulberry for silk and fruit on our farm on the hill above our workshop in the mountains of Northern Thailand.These photos are from yesterday when we were making cuttings to plant new...
Steppinthrax,Good questions - In America 3.75 inches is the classic width and width should be based on body size and personal preference.3.5 inches is fine and perhaps better if you are not heavy.Below 3.5 inches is narrow. Now if you are very thin a narrow width may be perfect.Tie colors should be selected based on what you personally prefer and you should trust your first thoughts.
Can you show photos of the back?
I just saw your post and it caught me by surprise as we never advertise and I thought we were like a great small family restaurant that only a few know about...Thank you for alerting me - greatly appreciated sir.I sent an email to the seller who emailed back and asked why we thought they were fakes - astounding the arrogance of some people.So I politely emailed back that the labels were wrong, fabric wrong and so on... and I have also emailed Ebay so hopefully the sales...
"I just felt like wearing it,.." The perfect reason
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