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I am not clear about your question:So let's use an example;Normally printed Macclesfield silk from David Evans/Adamley is about one meter wide and can be many meters long.To make an unlined seven-fold tie with one piece of silk about 54 inches long would be the maximum the way we make ties. Note one piece of silk assumes no keeper - if a keeper is used as it almost always is then you would always need two pieces of silk.Now how many men wear a 54 inch or shorter tie? Less...
Tweedy Prof,Think of the sewing in two ways to clean up loose threads and to put the fabric back in place.To clean up just make small stitches to make the threads look better and stay where you want them.Then sew as needed to put the fabric where you want it.
Tweedy Prof,Drakes from my observations has great classic fabrics but their construction is not as good as Italian ties in general.You may be better at sewing this type of repair than you think as the fabric looks somewhat rough so your sewing can also be rustic... and fit right in.Or better yet email and ask if you can send it in to be repaired at their cost.
Tweedy Prof,The problem is due to making the tie too quickly.To fix:Fold correctlyPress (we use a wool setting but it could be too hot so we don't suggest it unless you know what you are doingSewRolled edge distance depends on the construction as an example 3 plus inches up the tie edge after the main tipping.
I have heard only good comments from our Australian customers about very limited taxation on imports: Section II - Import Duty / Import GST / Import Tax and Customs Charges = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 1) Which goods are subject to Customs Import Duty/GST? You will be charged Import Duty/GST if your goods meet EITHER of the following: a) Have a value over AUD $1,000; OR b) Contain Alcohol or Tobacco of any quantity...
I don't know any luxury wool interlining weavers who provide small amounts.You may want to consider using inexpensive fabric to make learning ties first...The design is not one I would have made but that is your choice - if you like it then it is fine.
Tystyle, A great start. Making ties is a bit like making model ships and airplanes which most of us did as boys. You have a lot of creative energy. You may want to put some time into checking the balance of the tie - as you are making it. The tipping is OK but is there a reason that you did not go with self-tipping? On occasion we have requests for a different tipping that are well thought out and provide some nice contrasts but in the end beauty is in the eye of the...
Thank you for the background information.I still think that you need to change tailors - I would visit another country if need be...There may be some good mills in the UK that might interest you also.Good luck with getting what works best for you.
"but I need to buy my own fabric" Why? Tailors normally have fabric or access to fabric - if they don't you should consider a more helpful tailor as already suggested.
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