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I agree with you - Brabantia makes great ironing boards.
I thought it was a fascinating glimpse of history not only talking about how people got started sewing but talking about the social environment at the time.
Thank you for the photo - that was fast.The sides of the tie look normal.The tie has a rolled edge and where the rolled edge meets the side it is stiffer so it extends up a bit.The slightly extra weight of one grenadine over another would not normally have much influence on the overall look of the tie.In the photo you can see unevenness in the rolled edge which shows that it was made quickly and implies that the folding was also done quickly which would tend to add to 3D...
Can you please post a photo?
A good question - normally all hand made ties will have a bit of a roll on the edges as they are not ironed or given a heavy pressing just a touch of heat, as already mentioned.If the edge has more than a normal gentle roll (3-D) it will be from the fabric and wool might very well be the main reason...
"It's actually pretty fun." Having fun in life is so important. You did a great job with your prom guidance - good work. They probably have an interesting computer inventory system and you can learn lots of different things even if what not to do sometimes.
Very friendly and fast service - a great seller.
Formal shirts can certainly be worn with button down collars in America. Why not? Button down shirts are worn by many CEOs of large companies. Wearing shirts that are not button downs are a style choice and also OK. I grew up wearing button down Brooks Brothers shirts. There are dress rules for certain formal events in life, but developing your own style means not being bound by what others think and instead dressing as you like and feel that you look best. I don't...
No personal comments were intended - I am sure that there are many small ways to improve on a knot and dimple.One thought is to try and make the dimple before you tighten the knot.One other thought about interlinings is that with custom made/bespoke ties you need to cut the interlinings by hand one at a time.
It is a myth that it is just the interlining.First, not everyone likes the same type of knot.Next, not all wool interlinings are made alike and there are only a few (if that many) luxury wool interlining makers left. Even with luxury interlining wool there are many weights, different brushes and the number of layers can differ. Knowing which wool interlining to use and keeping on hand different types of wool is important.Adding a layer of cotton does not necessarily...
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