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If there is any interest... Got a pair of Dirty Fade weirdguy size 30. Looking to swap for a size 29 of the same or sz30 3sixteen st indigo. Great jeans they just stretched more than I expected in a week. About 10 days of wear on these, no alterations. They also run a 1/2 size larger than typical weirdguy cuts.
Any experience here with Property Of... Bags? Looking at the Blake or Tommy work bag for a waxed cotton bag for work. How is the quality? Worth the price tag?
SOLD!!! original post is too old to edit, i just added the reply on the 14th because i kept getting PMs. JACKET IS SOLD!
sorry sold this awhile ago, forgot to edit post
pm'ed for uniqlo oxford
+2 for mediums! wish that oxford had another button at the bottom too though
Quote: Originally Posted by jamays00 for just casual wear how does this work for a daily outfit. black CP training boots or the wings + horns black nubuck boot, APC NC or PS, hanes white/grey/black crew & vneck Ts. when it gets cooler a slim black leather jacket (saw a few ricks, diors, and julius that i really like) i really wound like to keep it to 1 nice pair of shoes and 1 nice jacket and 1 nice pair of raw jeans to beat up on. since most of the...
pm'ed about diors
thanks found them at the sperry store at the mall for $59!
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