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I can empathise with your situation and I agree with pricing concerns. Perhaps you can edit the original thread title to read: LARGE Shoe Sizes - Where to Buy in Toronto (and surrounding area) It may attract more responses from other igents on here with larger shoe size requirements.
Perhaps you have a unisex model. It's fine but take note that mens coat flaps are buttoned left over right. Again, do as you feel comfortable. Glad to have helped.
Wel lI have found this to be pretty much hit or miss with the spreads which is why I prefer the BD's. I am sure the shaping of the collar will vary between manufacturers
My favourite part was the horsey set and old money segment.
Try Hearland and also Vaghan Mills Centre http://www.vaughanmills.com/Planning-Your-Visit/Getting-Here.aspx These will be 2 concentrated locations with many stores under one roof. You could try Bruno Magli If you want to try downtown, you could try David's Shoes at Bay & Bloor http://www.davidsfootwear.com/ scrol to the bottom of their page and click CONTACT for their phone number. Inquire by phone if they even carry your size. David's is having a mass clearout sale...
I don't know what is happening but it seems to be a continuation of something.
Someone check this out. Someone has a vendetta against emptym. all 12 posts are aggressive.
Thank you for listing all of these.
My heavy duty CG parka is going on 10 years with only 4 wearings in that time.
My ties span the range of 2 years old to over 40 years old. I have 200 ties at the least and I am admittedly sick. With this many I can not give an accurate rate of rotation but at least once per year per tie would be about right.
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