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Purchasing Factory Seconds means accepting flaws as I am sure you know. That said, a cobbler might be able to buff this down somewhat but not remove it. Considering most people will only see the tops of the shoes, I wouldn't be concerned about it. It just adds character. Personally, I enjoy every scrape and scar I have put on my shoes. They always buff up pretty and those lines, like the lines on my face, show that I have lived life rugged and free. This line wouldn't...
I would like to kindly remind the newer of our members to stay focused on the Originating Post (OP) of threads they participate in. This thread originated HERE: When anyone introduces other non-related questions into the thread, this is what is referred to as 'De-Railing'. It just confuses the original intent of the thread. Ultimately, the Originating...
Nothing wrong with these.
This scrape is a different pair of shoes. What are these?
I ask if they are commissioned. If they respond with a 'yes' (most do), I ask for their card and assure them that when I am ready to purchase, I will deal only with them. This puts a quick end to the situation and stops other salespeople from even approaching as I flash the card of the first one who approached me no matter their internal politics. Sales people, especially where there are too many for the store, tend to be very anxious and even pushy. 'Just browsing' is...
FTFYHopefully the image loads now. I hope you are using shoe trees for this pair. This finish never photographs right. I agree they are nice shoes and look better in real life. Welcome to Stylefoum Martin.
Superfluous, you stated 'apparently you are going to a ball'. Have you any way to contact the person who extended the invitation to you? If so, why not just ask them directly for their input? I am sure they would be happy to clarify any concerns you have.
I say, please provide a photo of you in a slim undershirt so we can assess your body type.
he sure did and it sure is.
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