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A black linen summer shirt is acceptable.
In Etobicoke, you can try the Moneris Centre or whatever they call it now (used to be called the Shipp Centre ages ago). It is the office towers at Bloor and Islington. There is a Moneysworth near the back of the plaza on the main floor (under the East tower). They carry KIWI waxes, Meltonian and Moneysworth creme polishes in every colour of the rainbow. Unsure if they carry Saphir products or not You may also want to research local cobblers and shoe repair shops in your...
You didn't specify where exactly downtown but try Novelty Shoe Rebuilders Limited Address: 119 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C 1W4, Canada Phone: 416-364-8878 Transit: Yonge St at Adelaide St West https://maps.google.com/maps?num=50&hl=en&safe=off&ie=UTF-8&q=novelty+shoe+rebuilders+toronto&fb=1&hq=novelty+shoe+rebuilders&hnear=0x89d4cb90d7c63ba5:0x323555502ab4c477,Toronto,+ON,+Canada&cid=0,0,6208411867355061067&ei=3eEJUaHqEMWB0AGm14HoCg&ved=0CIIEEPwSMAM
An off-white or cream coloured shirt and a dark coloured textured or tweed sport coat will probably be your best option. Or if you want to bring out the Manolo in you, try a burgundy or soft darker green shirt and definitely wear an unpatterned dark sport coat. This tie is for fun and not the board room. Welcome to Styleforum cheereos.
I'll see your undershirt and raise you my two shaved armpits.
I agree with Vinny. Older utilitarian peacoats (or duffle coats for that matter) are boxy. They were designed for functionality and not fashion. Functionality, as an example, generous room for one or more thick wool sweaters under the coat.
I can empathise with your situation and I agree with pricing concerns. Perhaps you can edit the original thread title to read: LARGE Shoe Sizes - Where to Buy in Toronto (and surrounding area) It may attract more responses from other igents on here with larger shoe size requirements.
Perhaps you have a unisex model. It's fine but take note that mens coat flaps are buttoned left over right. Again, do as you feel comfortable. Glad to have helped.
Wel lI have found this to be pretty much hit or miss with the spreads which is why I prefer the BD's. I am sure the shaping of the collar will vary between manufacturers
My favourite part was the horsey set and old money segment.
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