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he sure did and it sure is.
FaceOfBoh, nice find. I've never heard of this manufacturer myself but nice find. Give them at least a second lotioning before wearing. Rub lotion in by hand to further ensure penetration into the leather. Nice Scotchgrain on them. Keep your eye out for McHale shoes too, another long gone quality Canadian make.
Really? [[SPOILER]] Welcome aboard, bgoodwi.
I too concur with consensus here and wife for reasons stated by Claghorn and Crusty.
Amazon is very generous with its sale price. I am blown away. I have no familiarity with the latter brand but the Neumora is a solid shoe for the money.
Welcome to Styleforum StyledbyShawn. You don't need a colour wheel. All you need do is lurk and learn and practice makes perfect. Look at the 'What Are You Wearing Right Now (WAYWRN) thread to study from thoe others. Here is the link > http://www.styleforum.net/t/234255/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iii/44655
On why we like modernist chairs and houses, but classical clothes.... To respect the old while searching for the new.
All of my new shoes are very lightly lotioned before their maiden voyage. No polish until they have seen battle.
A black linen summer shirt is acceptable.
In Etobicoke, you can try the Moneris Centre or whatever they call it now (used to be called the Shipp Centre ages ago). It is the office towers at Bloor and Islington. There is a Moneysworth near the back of the plaza on the main floor (under the East tower). They carry KIWI waxes, Meltonian and Moneysworth creme polishes in every colour of the rainbow. Unsure if they carry Saphir products or not You may also want to research local cobblers and shoe repair shops in your...
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