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+1 gambit sums it up thoroughly. Emphasis on fit determining purchase. Welcome to Styleforum, CBWill.
none of the images load over here from that link.
If you can forgive Harry's attempts at a Russian accent, K-19 The Widowmaker was a good film, though historically inaccurate.
How many times have you tried to find that perfect card, only to be disappoint, and then having to buy a blank card so you can write your own text? Well, no more. Here, on this (one day to be) mighty thread, you will find a collection of texts appropriate for any occasion. Post as many ideas as you like.I'll begin....Front: 'After your prostrate surgery....' [[SPOILER]]
The Game (1997) I like watching this after the original Wall Street. Michael's character is basically an older Gordon Gekko type.
Perhaps a pair in suede would fill this void?
Welcome back BlackBeard. I would recommend performing this transition in stages. Begin with donating anything beyond your essential needs. Get rid of pleated pants and shirts with tired collars. Purge any ties that are never worn or see if you would like to start wearing them. Then spend a month to re-familiarize yourself by browsing on and offline. Form a plan to purchase new wardrobe essentials in stages according to your needs and priorites. This will keep you from...
What do you have already? What shade of brown is the question based on?
Please invoke Poll feature for this one.
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