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Welcome back BlackBeard. I would recommend performing this transition in stages. Begin with donating anything beyond your essential needs. Get rid of pleated pants and shirts with tired collars. Purge any ties that are never worn or see if you would like to start wearing them. Then spend a month to re-familiarize yourself by browsing on and offline. Form a plan to purchase new wardrobe essentials in stages according to your needs and priorites. This will keep you from...
What do you have already? What shade of brown is the question based on?
Please invoke Poll feature for this one.
Maybe I am wrong but it looks like Grenadine in charcoal. Welcome to Styleforum.
Congratulaions on the restoration. Though I have a pair or two of the vintage Florsheims, I find that as I get older those cleats and nails are becoming more dangerous for me to walk in and prefer rubber on my heels.
The sooner the better.
Welcome to Styleforum tats.In the event you notice a white film forming on them as they dry, it will mean there was a high salt content in the water that soaked them. You'll need a rag and some white vinegar to remove it. Wet rag with the vinegar. Squeeze out excess. Wipe of shoes with some pressure, rotating the cloth as you go. Let dry. If the white film persists, repeat this process as many times as is needed until it is gone. For those who live in regions with distinct...
Ideas to improve the forum..... Styleforum Pergatory. Anyone recommending Stacy Adams, Bostonian, etc or other low end items, are immediately transported to pergatory. It will look and feel just like the real SF...in fact they will still think they are still there. Joined by others of their kind, they will enjoy immesurable pleasure in agreeable conversation, all the while convinced that low end is Haute Couture. Should one of these members awaken and mention at least 3 ...
I am done 2 full seasons of The Fugitive...taking a break and watching Tombstone. [[SPOILER]] To those of you who still have not seen this film, I urge you to do so. It is a marvel to see and a true story.There are a few moments that are disputed to this day. Most all of it actuallty happened more or less as shown.I may even watch it twice back-to-back. That is how much I enjoy it.
It fits. It looks fine and for that price you lucked out. Enjoy! Welcome to Styleforum.
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