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If you have never seen NIXON (1996) yet, make it your weekend movie. If you have only seen the theatrical release before, rent or buy the 'Election Year Edition', a longer version. All the acting in this film is superb. Another Oliver Stone masterpiece. Anthony Hopkins is marvelous too. It is over 3 hours long and every minute of it is delicious. I wish this film had been 20 hours longer.
I have only 1 pair of Alden 966 on Aberdeen last. My next pair will be on the Barrie last. Good to see the other lasts enjoying some love here. Here is a larger version of that chart....
Tex speaks the truth.
Do-able but unethical. Your choice.
Posting photos of the shoes in question would help. Welcome to Styleforum jhwang116.
Welcome to Styleforum MartyMcFly. Just a friendly heads-up, this thread is 3 years old and has been at rest for as long. You may be in for a wait regarding your necropost question to MrNick. His last log-in was: 9/14/12
I was unaware that Marcel had left us or why. Hopefully some of the other members will ring in for you.
Your Imperials are still wearable but I would have to write a small book to step you through how I would restore them.
The first pair are old Imperials, probably 1970's or early 80's, made in USA or Canada. The model name was Kenmoor. Your pair are well worn and not worth more than $30 as is. The reason why is because anyone who wants to actually wear them will have some restoring to do beforehand. A once great shoe but your pair have been denied proper maintenance. They don't appear to have ever known shoe trees, ergo the over-wrinkling on the uppers. Otherwise they seem to be in...
oh THAT's what that is...I was worried it was a key dongle hanging from his hand.
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