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JamesF, this is a natural patina that comes from enjoying your quality leather. Embrace it and enjoy it. Welcome to Styleforum.
What's this? You want your cake....and eat it too?It appears as though you may have leaked bodily fluids into your shoes during those months. I rule in AE's favour on this 100%.
This one?It is the colour of dried vomit. I hope for his sake it looks better IRL or he chose another colour.
Thank you for sharing this and bless your moms heart. That is charming.Please give her a hug from me (or from 'the Donald', if she prefers). ❤
I like the Barba very much. The NAA (pronounced 'nahh') on the other hand, is a nightmare. $5 in any thrift store will get you this look ^
There are public figures and there are celebrities. Either way, the way I see it is, if the 'client' is enjoying free merchandise in exchange for their endorsements, then fair game and this would have been pre-arranged between the two concerned parties. A perfect example of this type of arrangement is the annual Academy Awards and other film festivals where celebrities flaunt their free or loaned wares and happily plug whomever. There are restuarants and other public...
You raise an inarguable point. I sit corrected and thank you.
Yes, they are lovely to look at. Respect is due to the artisans and their carving skills ofcourse. But hollowing out the trees as I see it, is wasting wood and serves no justifiable purpose. True, hollowing the trees out makes them feather-lite but seriously, if a solid shoe tree is too heavy to lift then so are the shoes and if the shoes are too heavy then slippers and bedrest is in order.
They do appear a tad high but I see no concern. Many gents will quickly embrace these.
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