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You raise an inarguable point. I sit corrected and thank you.
Yes, they are lovely to look at. Respect is due to the artisans and their carving skills ofcourse. But hollowing out the trees as I see it, is wasting wood and serves no justifiable purpose. True, hollowing the trees out makes them feather-lite but seriously, if a solid shoe tree is too heavy to lift then so are the shoes and if the shoes are too heavy then slippers and bedrest is in order.
They do appear a tad high but I see no concern. Many gents will quickly embrace these.
Are you sure you didn't unkowingly post this photo from their womens section? There are, or at least used to be several models of Gucci loafers that are near identical for men and women. In the photo you have posted, the loafers look gender neutral. They don't appear to be too high to my eyes. Perhaps it is just the camera angle or lighting used that presented a concern.
LawrenceMD, yes thank you for your response to my rant. I enjoyed it very much. A very tactful, effective and hypnotic response indeed, executed without the use of a single word. Kudos. One thing I have learned from CGI is that the old addage 'seeing is believing' no longer holds true. I hope people the world over will become more vigilant than ever before so as not to trust their eyes. This technology is truly wonderous, yet holds within it, a breeding ground for abuse...
Holdfast, thank you for the video. Yes, OLED is a very exciting new frontier. It is going to revolutionize product immesurably. It can also be used as a light source. Imagine the applications. This one topic alone should have its own thread, wouldn't you agree? http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xjktf3_oled-lighting-technology-design-with-led-lights_tech#.US1ZCKAXPPg
Holdfast, I couldn't agree more. The problem is that no materials exist to offer the truly foldable dream device. The closest that can be manufactured would be a micro-hinged, thinly framed window pane screen. It is either that or something that can be rolled. The only other existing technology is the virtual reality headset. With the headset, you can have a perceived screen size that would rival IMAX. The glasses can now be made much lighter than those of decades past and...
You're one of them...aren't you. Fess up. Well, no matter..you see all of the process that you deem more expensive than CGI are doing something else that CGI cannot do. Consider that the old school process creates real jobs for real people and ergo, stimulate a real economy. That alone defeats the pro-CGI submission. I understood your point and I see the argument but do you see the long view that I have stated?Now that you brought up Game Of Thrones, I myself have seen...
Happy Birthday Tibor. I enjoy your posts very much.
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