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Waterworld Director's Cut 176 min Director's Cut is far better than the original theatrical release, and 46 minutes Despite the politics of its release back in 1995, I really enjoy this film, especially at the newer-almost-3 hours-long run time. A few dumb moments in it, but all is quickly forgiven by seeing all the additional footage. Great fun.
Spectacular! Wear in good health and please post action shots when the time comes.
I wonder if sprinkliing baking soda on the tops and letting them rest for a few days may work? Does the Baking soda not absorb oil out of the leather? leave 2 days, then briush off. DWF...what say you ?
Buy them and have the cleats removed. They look like mens shoes anyway. You win!
Mark24, time to see your doctor and get a medical diagnosis before buying more shoes. Welcome to Styleforum.
JamesF, this is a natural patina that comes from enjoying your quality leather. Embrace it and enjoy it. Welcome to Styleforum.
What's this? You want your cake....and eat it too?It appears as though you may have leaked bodily fluids into your shoes during those months. I rule in AE's favour on this 100%.
This one?It is the colour of dried vomit. I hope for his sake it looks better IRL or he chose another colour.
Thank you for sharing this and bless your moms heart. That is charming.Please give her a hug from me (or from 'the Donald', if she prefers). ❤
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