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Probably because a Mackintosh isn't a trench coat.
They are one size too big for the model and too much model and not enough shoe = Bad photos.The shoes are fine. I have a pair in brown. Tan is great too.
How disrespectful to transgendered people. I am deeply saddened to see you type such a thing.
Though I am sure you are well intentioned, no one will take your factory seconds 'warning' seriously, I assure you. People will continue to buy and enjoy them. If you expect top quality, expect to pay more.
Unwearable. You'll be bashing buckles as you walk. They should never have left the factory.
R.I.P. Tom. This will always be my favourite....
MC..have you checked out Davids Shoes lately? Also, I wonder what is happening at Brooks Brothers.
I scoured this link for you http://www.thebay.com/eng/mens-shoes-thebay The only pair that remotely fulfills your needs and price range will be the Florsheim Jefferson $225.00 on sale >> $157.50 (plus taxes) You'll need another $30 to reach them. Buy these shoes. Buy them in Black and if they are out of stock, go for the dark red. Either colour can be worn with a suit or casually. When you have funds afterwards, buy a pair of shoe trees for them. If you cannot afford...
Vox who?
Thank you DWF for your insights once again. I thoroughly enjoy your posts.
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