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Twisted Obsession (1989) (aka 'Mad Monkey) Jeff Goldblum, Miranda Richardson & Liza Walker Weirrrd film. Once you see it, you won't soon forget it. Very hard to find the full version and perhaps only on VHS. Chopped version is all that seems to be commercially available. The missing scenes depicted incestuous moments between a brother and sister.
The 'ladies tushy' is correct, for it did not belong to actress Jean Triplehorn, but to her body double.Dennis Hopper is also in this movie playing...well..Dennis Hopper but he's always good for laughs. Thankfully, no Dennis tushy.
Stitchy...have you seen NIXON (1995 Election Year Edition) yet?
Then...and now... and...for the win...
It looks fine. It should have enough room to accomodate you and a thick sweater. The length is also fine. It is supposed to cover your butt entirely although there are Bomber style parkas available as well. Which length you choose is entirely up to you. Features I would look for in a winter parka include: Hood that extends in front of the face Wind flap over the front zipper Chest pockets as well as lower front pockets Thick elastic cuffs under the outer arm cuffs Inner...
I machine wash my denim in cold water and hang them dry. Some of my denim gets tossed in the dryer where they will feel tight for a few minutes but relax afterward. My wool sweaters, scarves, etc, I cold hand wash..soak in mild detergent for 20 min, then gently rinse several times. Gently fold and squeeze lightly. Then lay a thick towel on a table and lay the sweater on the towel for about 10-15 min to wick away as much water as possible, then hang dry inside-out with arms...
I was under the impression that Cartier manufacturers their own products including their sunglasses..
One rebuttle: shell cordo looks more plasticy in any colour than calf does. That said, I thank Manton for compiling a concise guidline.
There is no such thing as the Bigfoot / Sasquatch / Yeti creature. It was a hoax from the beginning.
Whatever happened to that TV series Goerge Lucas has been promising us for ages?
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