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The shirts look fine but I like the arm gestures. Air Traffic Controller?
Cedar panelled walls, cedar tiles, cedar shavings, cedar oil (if you can find it - it is banned in Canada). Rotate your clothes. Agitate yor clothing with your hand between the suits, running your hand up & down the garments. Moths don't like to be disturbed and hate cedar oil/wood. Keep window areas clean. Moth eggs can blow into your home with a breeze. That is all I can think of at the moment.
(looks around) ...hey...psst...who is 'we'? It's Dec 11, and you started this thread 39 minutes ago..alone. Everything ok over there? Speak my friend. No one will hurt you here
Looks fine to me. Congratulations on your purchase. Personally, I would wear either pants of wool or narrow corduroy as opposed to denim, but to each his own preference. Toss on a nice tartan wool tie, sweater vest or waistcoat with this jacket. Once you've decided to enjoy it, remove the hold stitches from the sides of the back flap. The flap should rest freely over your backside. I see no need to alterations. You are fortunate to enjoy right off the rack, as it were.
Congratulations on your purchase. When standing, the jacket is buttoned anyway so I don't believe a cummerbund to be necessary. With my own mid section widening, a cummerbund would be at best, a 'before dinner' accoutrement. One too many times I found the damned thing rolled up around my waistline, giving others the impression that I am into after-dinner bondage games. Then again, this was not always a bad thing.
Nefarious, this forum is a wonderful opportunity for you to practice a little more diplomacy and gentlemanliness. We like to give newcomers some slack, so it was unnecessary to outrightly attack Magician Shaun. Your comments could stand a little finesse. The Thread title did, in fact read, 'Cole haan: quality or no?' Others have already addressed this specific question.Magician Shaun, by the nature of your questions, you are stating that you are learning, so it would be...
Agree with GBR...I am very tired and missed the online MTM part.
Monday to Thursday, weddings, funerals and some evening occasions.
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