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This entire thread is a pricing guide and should be password protected.
Great link Lefty, thank you. I like the audio testimonials section there. Real nice.
Give Optimo a try. http://www.optimohatworks.com/ I am unsure of the make on Sean Connery. There are also rollable models for traveling.... Read: http://www.panamahatfacts.com/tag/optimo-panama-hat
With Male to Female transition nothing is 'chopped off'. The tissue is re-assigned. This is why the surgery is called SRS (Sex Re-assignment Surgery) or alternatively GRS (Gender Re-assignment Surgery).If you take bloodwork from a trans woman, I assure you that the results will be Female.The reason for this is called HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). HRT is two-fold. In Male-To-Female, Testosterone blockers are taken each day to essentially stop or block Testosterone...
+2You got burned on these and it is not the sellers fault.
These are 2-3 sizes too big for you. Your running shoe size is not your dress shoe size. These look like two loaves of bread on you.
Welcome to Styleforum Walrus. The leathers on thse appear on the thin side, so be certain to moisturize these as neded but don't overdo it or saturate the leathers with conditioner. Once per month or two should be enough. After a days wearing, shoe trees inserted, take a damp (not wet) cloth to them to wipe off the dust of the day., let dry 20 min, Then brush lightly and buff with a clean flannel rag. As these are plain toes, be aware of your wearing habits. For example,...
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