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YRR92 you don't need to justify pink. If it works with your skin tones and you enjoy wearing it, then do so and relax and enjoy. You'll probably receive a lot of compliments from women and some men. If anyone critisizes you for it, they are an unrefined boor so laugh it off and keep wearing it until no one cares anymore. It is that simple. I wear pink shirts often and never have any problems. Remember also, that a sport coat will cover most of the shirt anyway. Start with...
Posting the photos for posterity...
Good hypothesis Sizzle. This just may be the case. They are either made on a Monday, made after a Guiness lunch or made by a new employee.
Perhaps they were made specifically for sitting crossed-legged in a wingchair by a fireplace with brandy in hand.
Why Clag, I am moved nay, inspired by your humility. How can I do anything but forgive thy transgressions. Go thou my son, and sin no more...and please provide a link to the WYHI thread...wait..I know where it is. See you over there.
We may have to agree to disagree on that which looks dated or old-mannish. My idea of the perfect trench coat is the Burberry or Aquascutum that is made of gabardine, double breasted with epaulets and of a length to just below the knee, not forgetting the belt with the hand grenade hoops and a nice fedora to top things off. Now some may regard this look as somewhat theatrical or dated but it is striking and draws attention; the right kind of attention. I receive nothing...
Irrelevant. The thread title is 'A Proper Trench'.You are ofcourse, entitled to your preference but a Mac is not and never will be a trench coat.As far as being 'very frumpy and old-manish', I am sure you will agree that not everyone can pull of a trench or Mac and therefore each gent would be wise to incline towards that which compliments his physique and fulfills his needs best.
Welcome to Styleforum. What is the source of these photos?
Too many whiners here who still do not understand what the term 'factory seconds' means. If you want the best of what AE has to offer, man up and pay retail.
Probably because a Mackintosh isn't a trench coat.
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