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Why not go with it and man up that jacket further by having someone sew tufts of Yak hair to both armpits. Then raise your hand to answer as many questions as possible at boardroom meetings.
Paying full retail gives you selection. Looking for deals gets you factory seconds, rejects, end of lines. I have no problem paying retail for high quality items made by properly paid domestic workers.
Some combo's are a crime. This is one of them. I am too traumatized to continue any further.
I'll stand with you if you're willing to leave Nixon out of it.
Dig....accessorize that chesterfield with a fedora and you would bear a startling resemblance to former U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. Perhaps pick up some acting work on the side. I mean this as a compliment.
I too ride this train.
Lose those pants, shirt, waistcoat and pocket square with this jacket altogether.The patterns are fighting and it looks like you are trying too hard. I would recommend wearing a plain cream shirt and Desert Yellow pants. Match with contrasting coloured shoes in Tan, Chili, Brown, Burgundy or Black Cherry. Wear existing shirt with denim. Wear existing pants with an off-white shirt, bow-tie, your dark waistcoat (if you must) and a dark navy jacket. As far as the loafers are...
This entire thread is a pricing guide and should be password protected.
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