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Dig, This is definitely permitted and even encouraged, yes!Clag, thank you, I have good teachers here. I am sure you boys will find other holes.. and this reminds me now that I previously forgot something:..
It's here at last! The OFFICIAL NO PURCHASE CLUB for APRIL 2013 Start Date: Monday April 01, 2013 (00:00:01 am) End Date: Tuesday April 30, 2013 (11:59:59 pm) Sign-ups begin now. All who sign up before midnight Sunday March 31, 2013 are allowed a $100 emergency fund. All who sign up Monday April 01, 2013 are allowed no emergency fund. There will be no late sign-ups accepted after Monday April 01. You have plenty of time to prepare and-or spend to your hearts content...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Men_Who_Killed_KennedyThe Men Who Killed Kennedy (9 Part Series) [[SPOILER]]
I nominate MartiniGirl for the positions of Prosecutor and Town Crier.
I am sure you are correct. This is a most unfortunate and now messy incident to be sure. I appreciate your input.
What everyone must be mindful on this issue, is that no matter the crime or alleged crime, there is something called 'Burden Of Proof'. The Burden of proof lies in the hands of the accuser (or victim) to actually prove, with evidence, beyond a reasonable doubt, three areas of law. 1) Did the accused have a motive to commit the crime 2) Did the accused have the ability to commit the crime 3) Did the accused actually commit the crime. (proof ex- receipts, address, etc) Now...
In that case, see the Director's Cut when you can. It will run 3.5 hours...yeah, another long one, but believe me, the time really flies with this film.
Agreed. This is unethical.
My pleasure Stichy. Glad you prevailed and enjoyed. Nixon gets better with each viewing. I'm watching JFK Director's Cut now (again). I'm sure you've seen it but if you haven't, please give it a twirl. Both are Oliver Stone masterpieces.
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