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Provided the fit is good for you, My preference between these two, would be C&J. I like the asthetics better and they will look better after taking some wear & tear than the Herrings. This is my opinion. Also, in my opinion, I do not disrespect Herring. I speak only of my preference between these 2 boots. Welcome to Styleforum tommygoodkin.
This is unacceptable as far as I am concerned. Have you contacted Barker as yet? Welcome to Styleforum Normunds.
Congratulations and may you enjoy them in good health. Question: Considering its age, would there be any special care instructions for this leather?
Wear with anything but a suit. Welcome to Stylefoum Ruffiio.
We have lost our way. The land lays barren, the masters have either jumped ship or barely lurk. We must return to the marrow; the albumen, yes, that's it. Respect the old, and search for the new. As long as there is even a single man out there who wears square-toed shoes, we must not rest. The future lays within history. The 'do's & don'ts' are incomplete without the 'whys and wherefores'. There is still work to be done. The well is still deep. The sword will rise again.
First off, to all who were involved in the cockfight...I'm sure you're all good people, and I would like to encourage everyone to practice the art of diplomacy toward one another. This is part of being a gentleman. It is also a wonderful opportunity to hone your social skills by a) giving the benefit of the doubt to others b) askng for clarification when in doubt and c) demonstrating the same level of respect you yourself would like to enjoy. I wish you all a prosperous...
$50 per toe and the rest for free.
Of the two, the thin stripes. Sorry for ringing in late.
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