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Welcome to Styleforum jamsy. Enjoy your shoes in good health.
Welcome to Styleforum Thomas Mac. I am giving you a free bump for originality.
J011yroger, most of the members here could have their own episode on Hoarders. The rest are filthy rich.
Is this a trick question? Welcome to Styleforum Gentleman15.
Longer is better than too short and if you cannot find satisfaction in either, look elsewhere to another manufacturer.
Welcome to Styleforum NickinAtlanta. It appears that most of the issues come from their buffing process, where the brush wheels are hitting the last. The factory operator in question needs to apply less pressure when buffing. The sole edge issue is another matter. Have you not contacted Allen Edmonds directly first before posting your concerns here?
I wear this type of collared shirt or sweater with a sport jacket. They can be a good option for gents who wish to conceal their neck. Several years ago I had a tumor on my neck and this collar proved a Godsend for me. I've since had surgery but now have a scar that I am sensitive about and still enjoy these collars casually. Welcome to Styleforum nick3112 and Mr Degausser.
This thread hurts all those who witness it.
Looks more like 1960's. Donate it. It is probably moth hole city.
Holy Bejabbers, this must be from their new Primate Line.
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