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I am still trying to figure that out myself but I think I am onto something.
Prince of Paisley, nice! We certainly need more posts like this, as this was indeed the original intent of the thread.
You can try rubbing them with a terrycloth and vinegar. Let dry. Repeat if necessary. This should be done right after exposure to salt but it may sitll yeild beneficiary results. Welcome to Styleforum MMixtape.
Rest your wet leather soles on newspaper for a few days. The newspaper will wick away the moisture from the soles. Welcome to Styleforum jacobp100.
What was it specifically that you had dry cleaned?
This shouldn't affect the performance of the shoes. Welcome to Styleforum free-man.
Welcome to Styleforum jamsy. Enjoy your shoes in good health.
Welcome to Styleforum Thomas Mac. I am giving you a free bump for originality.
J011yroger, most of the members here could have their own episode on Hoarders. The rest are filthy rich.
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