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Yes! Unbelievable! 70-something cat corpses in the fridge and freezer and at the bottom where the vegetable crisper is, cat 'liquid'. I almost puked lookin at that episode. Just finished the episode with the Irish ex-military guy who thought everything in his home was a pot of gold and near everything was guy.
I am bumping this for 2014 I own over 100 pairs of shoes, 400 ties, 200 shirts, 100 belts, etc. After watching only recently, many episodes of Hoarders I feel that my hobby and collection is in fact, out of control. My home is not disgustingly dirty like the homes featured on those episodes, but still, it's probably time I had one massive sale as it is impossible for me to wear it all. Anyone else in this situation? Fess up because I know you are out there. We should have...
Bumpty bump I just downloaded 5 seasons of this show. I am on season 3. These situations are the extreme of sad. Outta sight.
I would wager gator, and that gator was a pup. Welcome to Styleforum sb1993.
I concur with Nine. Avoid the neutral polishes. Gently wiping a damp cloth over them and a good brushing once dried should correct the problem.
We've had variations of this question before. If memory serves, there are several threads about dressing better than the boss. I also work in engineering but not so much fieldwork. I routinely wear my nicer clothes to the office. One day in an elevator, one of the partners commented on that fact and asked why? I replied that if he was willing to roll up his sleeves in the field every other day, the least I could do would be to keep up appearances as they bring important...
Many years ago I was starting to photograph everything so I appreciate the idea of this app. Life got in the way and I have never felt the urge to continue. My project was abandoned.
Welcome to Styleforum Function. Extend your hand forward as though you are about to shake hands with someone. Your shirt cuff should rest upon your wrist line. With a jacket on, a sliver (1/8" to 1/4" visible..some men will accept 3/8" to 1/2" ) of shirt cuff should be present beyond the jacket cuff with your arm at rest by your side. Your cuffs appear to be just fine. Some may say a tad on the long side, but I find the sleeve length acceptable. Just be careful when...
Welcome to Styleforum purpleguy. You may want to try searching the forests of SW&D. Ask the wise ones over there. Repeat your exact same post over there.
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