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With such a long winter ending over here, I almost thought I would never enjoy my suede again. This thread continues to excite me. (( ))
Season 3 Episode 19 ...one woman hoarding turkeys and chickens, and a man who hoards rabbits...even the guy looks like a rabbit himself. Where do they find these people?
Harvey, that episode is in season 6. I must have been watching a few episodes out of sequence. http://www.today.com/entertainment/hoarders-horror-woman-has-nearly-100-dead-cats-refrigerator-1C7421024 Truly horrific.
Yes! Unbelievable! 70-something cat corpses in the fridge and freezer and at the bottom where the vegetable crisper is, cat 'liquid'. I almost puked lookin at that episode. Just finished the episode with the Irish ex-military guy who thought everything in his home was a pot of gold and near everything was worthless...lol..poor guy.
I am bumping this for 2014 I own over 100 pairs of shoes, 400 ties, 200 shirts, 100 belts, etc. After watching only recently, many episodes of Hoarders I feel that my hobby and collection is in fact, out of control. My home is not disgustingly dirty like the homes featured on those episodes, but still, it's probably time I had one massive sale as it is impossible for me to wear it all. Anyone else in this situation? Fess up because I know you are out there. We should have...
Bumpty bump I just downloaded 5 seasons of this show. I am on season 3. These situations are the extreme of sad. Outta sight.
I would wager gator, and that gator was a pup. Welcome to Styleforum sb1993.
I concur with Nine. Avoid the neutral polishes. Gently wiping a damp cloth over them and a good brushing once dried should correct the problem.
We've had variations of this question before. If memory serves, there are several threads about dressing better than the boss. I also work in engineering but not so much fieldwork. I routinely wear my nicer clothes to the office. One day in an elevator, one of the partners commented on that fact and asked why? I replied that if he was willing to roll up his sleeves in the field every other day, the least I could do would be to keep up appearances as they bring important...
New Posts  All Forums: