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Any word on shoe information as yet?
Your Addisons look almost identical to my Canali loafers. My compliments.
Service is fine here, no complaints whatsoever.
Hi everyone, I am having a heck of a time loading this site on my pc. it just bogs down and it's taking forever to load pages. This has been going on for me since the new look. I'm typing from my phone to leave this post. Also, on my browser, a square box appears and clutters the page. please advise. I use Firefox. thank you
Boogie Nights....again.
Always liked the look of a nice billowy shirt with rolled up sleeves. Never change your avatar Rad. It cracks me up everytime I see it.
Wasn't the Colonel taxedermied, stuffed and mounted and placed on public display? or was it Roy Rogers' horse Trigger? I get these things mixed up.
Wearing penny loafers with a suit will get you slapped by the Styleforum police (we are global). With the monkstraps you may receive a brow beating, but if you move quickly, you'll live to see another day. Welcome to Styleforum.
Shirting made of this cotton, whatever you wish to call it, can also have a wonderful shimmer to it. Some gents may find the shimmer not to their liking while others do.
After a several week hiatus I must say that I am pleased to return to see this thread started and the wonderful input thus far. A concern I feel that needs attention (and forgive me if this has already been mentioned) is how to address the chest. I understand that, for example, pre-operative Transgendered Males may use a binder to flatten or at least smooth out the chest region. This would be vital to a better jacket fit. The typically narrower shoulders can be fleshed...
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