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Badly aligned fabric layers or fusing would be my guess. The suit experts should have a look at this.
Those are replacement heels and not factory. As for the shoes themselves, I am unfamiliar with this model. Welcome to Styleforum.
You read my mind. I bought a pair of them myself.
I see nothing wrong with buying multiples in different colours. I felt the same way about the AE Mora. Bought 2 pairs, 1 black & 1 brown. Welcome to Styleforum movoblast and descartes.
Neither sir.
Lemme see... Company A) I had not one but several women after me. The one I chose was (at least I thought so) a stunning beauty and had a certain animal-like lustful look in her eyes. Today, I would instantly recognize such a look to be a clear indicator to run for my life. She screwed almost everything that moved while she was with me. The gossip spread and there were plenty of people more than willing to tell me about her behaviour. I was in complete denial. I was so in...
This phrase never made sense and needs to be reitred. We all eat at home..so where are we supposed to s**t?
the latest stupid phrase that went viral; 'back in the day'.Back in the day of what?! And it's young people using this phrase! Like they were there?!
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