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Legend has it, that once one owns a pair of the revered shoes, all other conversation pales by comparison. Enough said.
Provided you don't gain weight, this is a pretty good fit. Change nothing. Your next suit should have (arguably) slightly less pull at the center button. Welcome to Styleforum factorof2.
Just a reminder...this thread isn't about AE bashing though if Paul lurks here I hope he will be amused at our good-natured pokes. We may have to look at some vintage to gleen the rewards but what I was hoping to see also, are a broad range of items with strange or amusing names. I am going through my own wardrobe to see if I can find any goodies but the chances are slim. I donated another bale of clothes to my local thrift store over the weekend and was looking through...
Wow...you responded before I could even refresh the page...hehe. Alright I'll file for the global patent.
I did Crocomok on page 1
Presidential Collection Barrackamok Bushamok Jeffermok Nixomok Mad Magazine Edition Alfred E. Neumok Chef's Selection Cuisa-mok Doctors Choice Dermamok Cadavamok Neuromok Comedian Line Ricklemok
Hope so. I am a proud owner of over 30 pairs of AE. We've come up with some good names too, and the night is young...
Cudmorum Ranjuvient Blassphorit Brumblemut Shuffmufflemore Jabtabulant
Scornandmok Shufflemok Crocomok Mok n' talk Mokschnell
New Posts  All Forums: