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The stiffened arms and clenched fists indicate Rigor Mortis has set in. Welcome to Styleforum. Rest in peace.
Yep, they are ugly alright. Try Wolverine 1,000 Mile for something similar in appearance but a lot nicer. http://www.wolverine.com/US/en/1000Mile Welcome to Styleforum Sparkling.
That fit is so...so... simian. Gorilla my dreams Seriously, you appear to be into body building and I would strongly recommend you switch the focus from bulk to tone. Dump it. Edit- Avoid waistcoats. You have a stout and built physique and the waistcoat only accentuates your shouders, causing an imbalance with your height. I hope your are not taking 'roids but if you are, stop immediately.
What's this thread about? Welcome to Styleforum Sixracer.
Great spread! Well done and welcome to Styleforum.
Where is everyone else? This thread should be brimming over already. (wishful thinking).
If you have need of tailors and/or cobblers, engage before the start date, for these would count against you during the challenge period.
Welcome to Styleforum MoiAbsolu. I own a peacoat by Boss and 2 duffles; 1 by Butberry and 1 by Gloverall. As it turns out, my old Burberry was made by Gloverall anyway. I am partial towards Gloverall. I agree with GBR. Let's see some fit pics if possible and we'll be happy to tell you what suits you. If that is your pwn face in your avatar, I would wager either or both would suit you equally. The rope and wood toggles on that Boss is classic. I would wager that Burberry in...
Good to see you back Goat. As the first of our signees, you get to buy whatever you need for a Hallowe'en costume for yourself, if the need exists.
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