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Same rule should apply to condo & apartment dwellers in my estimation. Same dangers are present. I am saddened to say I learned this one the hard way too. Anyone else have a story to share?
WOW......is this thread dead? Less people have to make more noise. Ring in everyone! Still spend-free here
found this... Adding Monsters to Thrift Store Paintings 'The trick is to match the paint originally used (e.g., acrylic or oil) and try to blend the monsters into the original scene as if they were always there.' MORE: http://twistedsifter.com/2012/04/adding-monsters-to-thrift-store-paintings/
Do not wear a Garfield tie or any other goofy tie to a funeral. Of the choices given, go with combo 1 above. It's quiet and doesn't draw attention. Welcome to Styleforum rckestyle.
Everyone knows the real cure is to bleed the patient.
Welcome to Styleforum Gentleman15. I wouldn't say 'normal'. Normal is conforming to a social standard. If that is your thing right now, then enjoy it. It is your dynamic personality that will determine if it works or fails. You could do retro 1980's with a shirt (top button open), skinny tie (knotted but loosened), jeans & odd waistcoat & a slim jacket. Shoes can be anything from sneakers to boots. No guarantees but there is no harm in experimenting. If people already...
Welcome to Styleforum Calypso! Checking in. No purchases here....doing massive home maintenance. How did everyone get through the first week? Fredd....what happened? Total damage please?
Gentlemen, due to a sudden personal emergency, I cannot attend this thread, or Styleforum for the remainder of the month. Here are the rules.. Do not spend any money on clothes for yourself, or clothing-related items for yourself. You MAY (up to $150) have shoes repaired, alterations, etc., anything to do with maintenance. You are all big boys so I entrust you to, our Honour system of self governance. I must now attend to personal matters that may run the course of the...
Thank you unbelragazzo for sharing.
This has to be the poorest turnout ever. 3 more hours to launch. If we can't get a dozen to sign up, I'll bale out.
New Posts  All Forums: