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At last count, I have 120 dress shirts, possibly more. Then again, I am not normal. I am going to remedy this soon and trim it down to 40 if I ever get organized.
I am way late ringing in, my apologies. Also, my apologies for not being able to be present for this period of time on the forum. I don't even have time to compile a list of all who made it through, but I wold like to congratulate all who tried. My total expenditures for October was $0.00
Still alive over here.
Welcome. Not to worry, take a few days or weeks to familiarize yourself with the site. Scroll up the page and you'll see a 'Search' window to link you to other threads related to your interests. We are here to help. You've posted your question in the right place so I am sure others will ring in soon.
LeatherFoot, passed by your store a few weeks ago after cocktails nearby, but it was after closing. Did a few moments of window shopping. Very nice spread and gorgeous shoes. I hope to return for a visit soon. Toronto needs your store.
Wear with straight leg denim ...or tights and a long skirt.
For me, credible endorsements. I don't mean celebrity, rather endorsements from within a specialized clothing communities such as SF. Welcome to Styleforum GentByConduct.
All unbuttoned spread collars look sloppy, but you can get away with it after business hours as long as your jacket is on to push the collar into position akin to a button down collar. That is my $0.02 worth.
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