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Think of a. Testoni as being (arguably) on par with Allen Edmonds or thereabouts. Between the two, I would opt for AE. Then again I am an ardent AE supporter and so therefore biased. I own only the one pair of a. Testoni loafers so perhaps there are others that will yet contribute further thought on your question.
To my understanding, regardless of the welt method, if the soles are straight out of the box, their unused finish is too smooth for reliable adhesion to the sole guard. Scuffing up the soles and sole guards allows for better adhesion between the two when fastened together via the cobblers glue (cobblers contact cement). (For lurking newcomers TOPY, Vibram, EMU, etc. are brand names. A generic term is sole guard.)
Welcome to Styleforum Billj7. Allen Edmonds Weybridge On sale right now $345.00 $197.00 Save the extra money and invest in quality.
Search your local area for a reweaving service. This can be repaired. A reputable tailor may also be able to help you.
This still cracks me up.
Thank you for posting this mikeynyc. I am rather suprised to read this and need to collect my thoughts.
That musical score was fairly intense. I was biting my nails when they got to the gemming and anticipating a sequence showing factory workers carrying and distributing giant Goodyear welted seedpods to the towns local friendly retailers.
I concur with GBR. Welcome to Styleforum csg4005.
I have a pair of their Alligator loafers which are marked 'Bologna Italia'. Of their other creations, I cannot say. This is a reputable name so you should not be worried about quality. I am suprised no one else has chimed in on this as yet. Welcome to Styleforum CLiang.
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