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Search your local area for a reweaving service. This can be repaired. A reputable tailor may also be able to help you.
This still cracks me up.
Thank you for posting this mikeynyc. I am rather suprised to read this and need to collect my thoughts.
That musical score was fairly intense. I was biting my nails when they got to the gemming and anticipating a sequence showing factory workers carrying and distributing giant Goodyear welted seedpods to the towns local friendly retailers.
I concur with GBR. Welcome to Styleforum csg4005.
I have a pair of their Alligator loafers which are marked 'Bologna Italia'. Of their other creations, I cannot say. This is a reputable name so you should not be worried about quality. I am suprised no one else has chimed in on this as yet. Welcome to Styleforum CLiang.
A good first post Chipster, and welcome to Styleforum. Long live Samuelsohn.
In milder cold weather, I opt for cashmere or a lightweight lambswool. For conservative applications, I'll wear a scarf in darker, quieter colours such as burgundy, navy, forest green, and charcoal greys. Muted patterns such as paisley or plaids. On these milder of days, I tend to wear my scarf with only a sliver of it showing, thus allowing my shirt and tie to show. Therefore, the scarves I use must not fight the tie colours & patterns yet also should provide some...
Too much supression for my taste. I agree with IVAR, a full body shot (front, side & back) are in order. Welcome to Styleforum Terrier.
Welcome to Styleforum Alscott. Wore my peacoat today as a matter of fact, with an old pair of these: (Cole Haan) With your climate, a nice pair of suede boots are also an option. It is just my personal preference but I almost always wear boots of some kind with my peacoat.
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