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Too much supression for my taste. I agree with IVAR, a full body shot (front, side & back) are in order. Welcome to Styleforum Terrier.
Welcome to Styleforum Alscott. Wore my peacoat today as a matter of fact, with an old pair of these: (Cole Haan) With your climate, a nice pair of suede boots are also an option. It is just my personal preference but I almost always wear boots of some kind with my peacoat.
At last count, I have 120 dress shirts, possibly more. Then again, I am not normal. I am going to remedy this soon and trim it down to 40 if I ever get organized.
I am way late ringing in, my apologies. Also, my apologies for not being able to be present for this period of time on the forum. I don't even have time to compile a list of all who made it through, but I wold like to congratulate all who tried. My total expenditures for October was $0.00
Still alive over here.
Welcome. Not to worry, take a few days or weeks to familiarize yourself with the site. Scroll up the page and you'll see a 'Search' window to link you to other threads related to your interests. We are here to help. You've posted your question in the right place so I am sure others will ring in soon.
LeatherFoot, passed by your store a few weeks ago after cocktails nearby, but it was after closing. Did a few moments of window shopping. Very nice spread and gorgeous shoes. I hope to return for a visit soon. Toronto needs your store.
Wear with straight leg denim ...or tights and a long skirt.
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