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Event Horizon
I am glad we are now both no longer really confused Teacher.
Just a heads up, so pass the word...my old name 'Man Of Lint' is now 'MyOtherLife', and my thanks to the SF God(s). I am on NYC time and can help with late night shifts here if the need exists, someone let me know. I can be a 'dubiously honoured hall monitor' or something.
Thank you unbelragazzo
Or Deadstock. Ebay is your best bet, then Etsy, or even here on our own Buy & Sell.
Black quilted oven mitts.
Not much sacred anymore. Recently released is Star Wars XXX; a porn version of Chapter 4 called 'A New Hole'. Tons of CGI special effects. Definitely a disturbance in the Force and not for the tots. This will rob you of your choldhood. Do not engage.
The Hand (1981)(Michael Caine) Saturn 3 (1980)(Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett)
Just gave the original theatrical releases of the Star Wars trilogy (episodes 4,5 & 6) another spin. No Special Editions. Really ground-breaking visual effects for their time and they still look fine.
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