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Agree with Matty. Contact Gloverall. Last time I checked, they sold replacement kits.
Rub some baby powder over the edges and be careful what is making contact with those edges. If they are the vynil edge dressing, they may be chemically reacting to one another in contact, hand lotions, or something else, or just plain giving way to usage.
I own a pair AE Verona & 1 pair of Gucci Bit loafers which are virtually identical to one another so a Thumbs Up for AE to match the look, feel & quality. I also have Bit loafers by Bally which are much lighter in weight; almost feather light and those are good for summer. [[SPOILER]]
I myself have never had the pleasure of visiting your country but I extend my wishes for a safe journey and please extend my regards to Charlotte Church.
Welcome to Styleforumj Jlai1996. I find myself more interested in the womens shoes that lay on the floor behind you. Should those belong to your S.O., then make it a pyjama party. She wears the top and you wear the bottom, or vice versa, as you like.
Welcome to Styleforum Annigoni22.
Welcome to Styleforum dtauton. Another possible reason may be the SF members who are buying them are either not frequenting the forum of late or can't be bothered to take photos.
Event Horizon
I am glad we are now both no longer really confused Teacher.
Just a heads up, so pass the old name 'Man Of Lint' is now 'MyOtherLife', and my thanks to the SF God(s). I am on NYC time and can help with late night shifts here if the need exists, someone let me know. I can be a 'dubiously honoured hall monitor' or something.
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