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Black quilted oven mitts.
Not much sacred anymore. Recently released is Star Wars XXX; a porn version of Chapter 4 called 'A New Hole'. Tons of CGI special effects. Definitely a disturbance in the Force and not for the tots. This will rob you of your choldhood. Do not engage.
The Hand (1981)(Michael Caine) Saturn 3 (1980)(Kirk Douglas, Farrah Fawcett)
Just gave the original theatrical releases of the Star Wars trilogy (episodes 4,5 & 6) another spin. No Special Editions. Really ground-breaking visual effects for their time and they still look fine.
Chris, firstly, congratulations on the purchase of those Whiskey Shell beauties. As they are casual, you are free to explore belts of slightly contrasting shades of honey brown & chestnut. Avoid silver coloured buckes and go for a medium weight casual buckle in brass.
Welcome to Styleforum kovalchuk71. Charcoal Grey, Tan and Navy are conservative mainstays. Once those are attained, it's time to explore fabric weights, textures and patterns. Twill is quiet and adds depth and interest. You didn't mention your location or climate requirements (example: winter, spring/fall & summer) so fabric weights will also play a role in your decisions. A word or two about your lifestyle and preferences will also help us make further recommendations...
Welcome to Styleforum rsid77. Kudos to Firefox et al, for your informative responses. Well done.
No need to apologize at all my friend. The mistake was mine for poor syntax in my earlier response to the other fellow. It is in your good nature to help others and I highly respect that quality in you very much. I thoroughly enjoy everything you type. I have learned and continue to learn a great deal from you and am very appreciative of the time you share with us. SF is very fortunate to have you aboard, good sir.
Welcome to Styleforum. Please be more specific in your question. Brooks Brothers, as compared to what other brands specifically and for what?
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