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For the life of me I cannot remember where I purchased mine, porably at the Olde Hide House in Acton, Ontario but could have been elsewhere. Have you seen this thread?
and he will probably sell the other 'mis-matched' pair later. Why would he do this? Anyone?
Agree with DWF. Thankfully, the 'Thumbs Up' button cut down the '+1' and 'I like that' comments considerably, so we are makng progress.
This needs its own thread. If you can get 100 people to ring in or Thumbs Up, I'll have to concede
Take any plain jacket and press with George Foremans' Lean Mean Grillin' Machine. Welcome to Styleforum Ardi.
I recommend shearling winter gloves.
I only just passed half-way to snarky one-liners but working in it.
Welcome to Styleforum pete146. A British winter of Snow? Rain? If either one, none of the above is suitable without rubbers over them, and of the choices you provided, I would go for the second or fourth pair.
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