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Take any plain jacket and press with George Foremans' Lean Mean Grillin' Machine. Welcome to Styleforum Ardi.
I recommend shearling winter gloves.
I only just passed half-way to snarky one-liners but working in it.
Welcome to Styleforum pete146. A British winter of Snow? Rain? If either one, none of the above is suitable without rubbers over them, and of the choices you provided, I would go for the second or fourth pair.
Agree with Matty. Contact Gloverall. Last time I checked, they sold replacement kits.
Rub some baby powder over the edges and be careful what is making contact with those edges. If they are the vynil edge dressing, they may be chemically reacting to one another in contact, hand lotions, or something else, or just plain giving way to usage.
I own a pair AE Verona & 1 pair of Gucci Bit loafers which are virtually identical to one another so a Thumbs Up for AE to match the look, feel & quality. I also have Bit loafers by Bally which are much lighter in weight; almost feather light and those are good for summer. [[SPOILER]]
I myself have never had the pleasure of visiting your country but I extend my wishes for a safe journey and please extend my regards to Charlotte Church.
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