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Monday to Thursday, weddings, funerals and some evening occasions.
A good solid first post and welcome to Styleforum CalabaiLion. I'll add one thing to your list. Cedar Shoe trees are a must for your shoes.
I never wear Walnut or any of my lighter coloured shoes in winter. Why? Salt stains. I stick with my blacks & browns for bad weather. Not a rule, just my preference.
Of these 2 options, the Chelsea.
The shoes are low quality. The model is wearing shoes 3 sizes too big for him and the video, like all Zappos videos, sucks.
Oh boy...here we go...
I believe the phrase is 'Wet behind the ears'. 'Green behind the ears' would be indicitave of needing not a tailor, but a doctor and immediate medical attention. At ease, Private Immanuelrx.
Welcome to Styleforum sushifingers. You have my sympathies. These boots are only to be worn under 4" of ..make that 8" of snow, where no one will ever see them. Can you guess why?Photo has been lightened for clarity...
Welcome to Stylefoum Mikeyyip. The sleeve length on your jacket is far too long. It should rest just beyond the wrist and when you extend your arm to shake hands, a 1/4" - 1/2 " sliver of shirt cuff should be visible. Arms down, (arguably) one should not see the shirt cuff and the jacket sleeve should not cover the hand. Your cuff should be taken up 1 1/2" - 2". Hope this helps.
Lesson learned I hope. Thank you for sharing.
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