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Boogie Nights....again.
Always liked the look of a nice billowy shirt with rolled up sleeves. Never change your avatar Rad. It cracks me up everytime I see it.
Wasn't the Colonel taxedermied, stuffed and mounted and placed on public display? or was it Roy Rogers' horse Trigger? I get these things mixed up.
Wearing penny loafers with a suit will get you slapped by the Styleforum police (we are global). With the monkstraps you may receive a brow beating, but if you move quickly, you'll live to see another day. Welcome to Styleforum.
Shirting made of this cotton, whatever you wish to call it, can also have a wonderful shimmer to it. Some gents may find the shimmer not to their liking while others do.
After a several week hiatus I must say that I am pleased to return to see this thread started and the wonderful input thus far. A concern I feel that needs attention (and forgive me if this has already been mentioned) is how to address the chest. I understand that, for example, pre-operative Transgendered Males may use a binder to flatten or at least smooth out the chest region. This would be vital to a better jacket fit. The typically narrower shoulders can be fleshed...
Hi JRD, I am using the HTC Desire 601, provided to me courtesy of Bell Mobility Canada. It takes some getting used to as I am entering into Geezerdom. I hate it and I love it. Quality is fine so far.
Harvey, I can't even give me away. Thanks for the vote of confidence though. I surely do appreciate it.
Thanks Clag. This is my first cellphone ever. One day I hope to master it. After that, I may just take an interest in learning all about men's clothes.
Hi everyone, I am attempting my first ever post from a cellphone. Very hard to type with fingers as thick as broomstick handles. Love the word correct feature. I am exploring the forum in both mobile and desktop modes My compliments to our wonderfully talented SF programmers -mol p.s. ithis tech is amazing
New Posts  All Forums: