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This thread is marvelous. Kudos all around.
I knew I should not have opened this threak whilst eating. My therapist shall hear of this.
Thank you bahlsdheep for the information. Much appreciated.
When looking at that image of Craig with the extreme waist suppression, thoughts of rubber gloves and meat cutting instruments come to mind.
I use a Note 4 as well with a stock Samsung window case or sometimes one made by Spigen. I made it even heavier by adding a tempered glass over the screen. Keeping it in the inside breast pocket has not been an issue for me so far. The wallet case which bahlsdheep is using looks fine. Details? I am looking for a leather case for mine.
You're looking good Clag.
Welcome to Styleforum. Using a blow dryer only helped the leather to absorb whatever you put on the shoes, even deeper into the leather fibres. There is an old saying which states, 'it isn't a party until something is broken'. You can either live with it, or take them to your local friendly cobbler (shoe repair) to have them look at them, or if you are willing to risk completely destroying them, get some rubber gloves, some rags, and take them outside and use some acetone...
Moo, those are charmingly humble boots and the photography is stunning.
Dear Diary, Legions of clowns continue to wear square-toed shoes. Synthetics have taken over as well. The people who wear such things are convinced they are having a good time. I want to help them, but I know I cannot. To enlighten them would be to spoil their day and place me in great peril. The animal lovers glare scornfully at me for wearing leather, though their own ancestors wore animal skins. I feel as though I am being toyed with in a near Orwellian manner. I have...
I leave for a year and return to find the world has changed. I always enjoyed Will's articles.
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