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Moo, those are charmingly humble boots and the photography is stunning.
Dear Diary, Legions of clowns continue to wear square-toed shoes. Synthetics have taken over as well. The people who wear such things are convinced they are having a good time. I want to help them, but I know I cannot. To enlighten them would be to spoil their day and place me in great peril. The animal lovers glare scornfully at me for wearing leather, though their own ancestors wore animal skins. I feel as though I am being toyed with in a near Orwellian manner. I have...
I leave for a year and return to find the world has changed. I always enjoyed Will's articles.
My simian-like walking patterns prohibit me from enjoying wholecuts, though I am thoroughly enjoying this thread.
The Last Don (1997) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118381/ The Last Don II (1998) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0136646/ Though it does benefit from all of the groundwork layed in the Godfather series, this set does stand on its own. Some good laughs in it as well.
Roger Moore's Bond wore a lot of very high collared dress shirts. He had a very good pysique and the suits he wore were beautifull tailored but those shirts bordered on costumewear for my taste. They always looked better on him unbuttoned.
Any word on shoe information as yet?
Your Addisons look almost identical to my Canali loafers. My compliments.
Service is fine here, no complaints whatsoever.
Hi everyone, I am having a heck of a time loading this site on my pc. it just bogs down and it's taking forever to load pages. This has been going on for me since the new look. I'm typing from my phone to leave this post. Also, on my browser, a square box appears and clutters the page. please advise. I use Firefox. thank you
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